Exactly What Is a 'Government Shutdown'?

by Lew Rockwell, LRC Blog
Apr. 06, 2011

Other than a consummation devoutly to be wished, that is. Well, since the government lies as its everyday MO, we can know, first of all, that a government shutdown is not a government shutdown. The bombing and conquering do not stop, for example. The dictator on his own say-so funds the “essential” work of government: killing, looting, spying, etc. He has the Fed at his command, too. The “non-essential” employees are sent home for an unpaid vacation, to be changed into a paid vacation when the shutdown shuts down. The few things the boobeoisie like–the propaganda museums and monuments, for example–are also shuttered. But otherwise, nothing happens. It is just more of the Republican-Democratic political theatre.

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