Most Americans Strongly Oppose U.S. Military Action in Libya

Kurt Nimmo
Mar. 01, 2011

According to Rasmussen, a large majority of Americans agree with the common sense of George Washington. During his farewell address, the first president of the United States said the nation should beware of foreign entanglements.

On February 23, Rasmussen reported that 67% of Americans strongly believe the United States should stay out of Libya and the Middle East.

The globalists, their hand-picked government in the district of criminals, and the Pentagon are not listening. They have dispatched the USS Enterprise and other warships to Libya. The Enterprise was conveniently close, having squandered millions of tax payer dollars confronting ragtag pirates off the coast of Somalia. The Pentagon will not confirm one way or the other if it has instructions to set-up a no-fly zone and begin bombing the North African nation.

According to Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, the U.S. military is moving ships closer to Libya "in case they are needed."

The Pentagon is not about to go it alone in Libya. It will act in concert with NATO. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice -- mentor of Secretary of State Madeline Albright (who declared killing 500,000 Iraqi children was acceptable), CFR and Ford Foundation Brookings member -- said "the international community is not going to tolerate the slaughter of innocents."

Of course, it depends what innocents are to be slaughtered and the political objective at hand. The U.S. has thus far killed over a million innocents in Iraq. It continues to slaughter innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It stood by while over 800,000 were slaughtered in Rwanda. The "international community" -- as determined by the global elite and their grocery clerks at the United Nations -- are intolerant of mass murder when oil fields are involved, especially sweet crude oil fields.

Libyan revolution needs to be micro-managed by adults, not the rabble who are now paying for their liberation in blood. The United Nations and the globalist NGOs and think tanks will decide who runs the country.

Most Americans (67%) across all demographic categories say the United States should leave the situation in Arab countries alone, according to Rasmussen. Just 17% say the United States should get more directly involved in the political situation there while another 17% are not sure.

The newspaper of globalist record, the New York Times, says Obama adopted a tougher stance toward Muammar Gaddafi in response to the ever-so predictable chortling and blood lust of establishment neocon Republicans. In fact, Obama does what his handlers -- his cabinet is comprised of establishment insiders and Goldman Sachs cronies -- tell him and responds only when words appear on his teleprompter screen. The supposed indecision of the Obama administration is merely cover while the globalists move their pawns and battle cruisers into place.

Meanwhile, the ever vigilant Israelis have taken advantage of the growing winds of war in order to once again call for attacking Iran for its imaginary nuclear weapons program. A newIAEA report released last week says Iran is seeking to develop a nuclear-armed missile.

"The report made clear Tehran's determination to press ahead with sensitive atomic activity despite four rounds of UN sanctions since 2006, saying the country had informed the IAEA it would soon start operating a second uranium enrichment plant," reports the neocon-infestedJerusalem Post.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has conveyed the Likudnik message in recent days -- since the globalists have indicated they will deal with Gaddafi militarily -- that while increased military and economic pressure was necessary, the only thing likely to stop the Iranians was the prospect of the U.S. military bombing their country back to the Stone Age.

The IAEA released its report as the Israelis have voiced complaints that events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, are distracting attention from the central target, Iran.

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