ZEITGEIST: Moving Backwards (Communism with Magic Robots Pt.2)

Jan. 26, 2011

Not sure if I should even post this, it's all "fixed pie" Marxist propaganda, coaxed in some supposedly anti-government rhetoric, don't even get me started on the guilt mongering (just look at the image of the starving Africans which right now is the preview frame, that's, of course, your fault). If you don't understand real economics, it's easy to fall prey to such nonsense.

"Capitalism" is blamed for statism, Keynesian consumptionism is confused with free market exchange. Determinist propaganda when it comes to diseases (disguised as anti-determinism). Human nature is supposedly malleable and we're all blank slates and blah blah blah. It's too much nonsense to even respond to.

The first line of deep thought is some feel good psychobabble saying how people will never be satisfied looking to acquire all sorts of stuff. Obviously that's true, once one need is satisfied, you want to search for more things and accomplish new things, why is that bad?

Can someone please point me to someone who is completely satisfied in all things forever perpetually?

Human life experiences change, things change, wants change, needs change, humans change. One day you like drinking soda pop, the next you get sick and change to drinking water and juice. How would being completely satisfied drinking soda pop your whole life be advantageous? We're all just supposed to be perpetual plebs enjoying the present solely and taking no steps to improve our lot and experience future joys. God forbid you experience self-reflection and decide you'd like to change for the better, clearly there's something wrong with you because you don't realize you're perfect as is.

Adapting to change and progressing through life and experiencing the ups and downs is part of living and part of life. Being some lobotomized robot who is experiencing nirvana all the time seems to me to be, #1 boring, #2 not living.

Unfortunately I just don't care enough to do a full response and actually watch the entire movie, I only half-watched the first 20 minutes. I would recommend reading The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises and studying Austrian economics. If you really want to move forward, watch this. - Chris, InfoLib

Update: Holy god I actually skipped through to an hour and five minutes in and he attacks Ludwig von Mises and Hayek! Good god this is retarded. Apparently, Africa is some free market utopia and not a socialist hellhole like we all thought, people are starving because of Mises's economic theories which no governments follow and all universally ignore, not because they're socialist hellholes with zero economic freedom. Keynesianism apparently is Austrianism despite one being a coercive central planner and the other a free-marketeer. This is painfully stupid.

Update: Skipped again, at 1:49:00 he says "nature is a dictatorship" and says we need some centrally planned dictatorship with perfect information, I guess it will be run by Jacques Fresco and Peter Joseph because apparently they've solved all the problems of the world "in theory." This is an epic fail.

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