SWAT Team raid wrong house, terrorize innocent brothers

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Oct. 25, 2010

A "highly trained" SWAT team got "distracted" and raided the wrong house in Longview, Texas.

The innocent brothers, who inhabited the domicile, thought a car had crashed into their house or somebody was breaking in.

Indeed, a gang of rogue criminals were breaking in, but these criminals had badges and called themselves the government.

KLTV reports:
Kenneth and James Jimerson were pulled from their bed, put in handcuffs and taken from their home.

"I heard a big loud commotion a big loud boom, and before I could raise out of bed they were in on me, the police had guns drawn on me and told me to get down. I thought originally a car had run into the house or somebody was breaking in," Said Kenneth.

While Kenneth and James waited, in handcuffs, officers searched their home, "One had a gun right at my head, a guy told me ‘Don't look at me, look away from me', I done what he told me," said James.

The SWAT team didn't any find anything in the brothers' home; turns out officers had invaded the wrong home. "They came back and said apparently we have made a mistake," said Kenneth.
The city later "apologized" and said they would launch an internal investigation to "make sure nothing like this happens again."

Don't hold your breath.

Video Report:

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