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Analysis posted Sep 18 2010, 5:08 PM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

The Government is Nothing More than a Gang of Thugs in Costume

Chris | InformationLiberation

Lots of people hold the delusional idea in their mind the government is somehow legitimate. They see the pillars and statues of government buildings and think it's some sort of physical entity with all sorts of "powers" unto itself.

In reality, the government is hardly different than a bunch of children playing dress up.

Putting on a cop uniform doesn't give you the power to violate some stranger's rights anymore than putting on a vampire costume gives you eternal life and fangs.

Government as a whole is nothing more than a collection of serial rights violators who believe themselves to have some super-human right to go around telling people what to do and threatening them if they don't comply.

Their justifications?

Some strangers voted for them to do it, or some strangers wrote some nonsense on a piece of paper and that gives them the right to tell you what to do.

Sorry, but that is just not going to fly. Simply that people bow before them and act as though their rule is legitimate counts for nothing.

No doubt if some savage in the woods came upon a child in a vampire costume he would probably assume the child was some sort of vampire and that was "just the way things are." Same goes for everyone in our society who was born into this particular system where one group claims the right to violate the rights of others. They have costumes on, so therefor they must have some authority, right?

It's about time people woke up and stopping believing in this utter delusion. The only thing separating you from the government is the costumes they wear and the guns they brandish. Just because they violate people's rights every hour of every day doesn't mean we have to endow them with some aura of legitimacy. If the government does not have the consent of the governed, they're nothing more than a gang of thugs.

Once people recognize this fact we can start creating a civil society in which no group harbors the imaginary right to violate the rights of others.
Chris is an anarcho-capitalist and voluntarist who runs the website, you can contact him here. You can read more of his commentary here.

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Posted: Sep 18 2010, 5:36 PM

21242 hehe, well said!

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 5:40 PM

113212 Everyone should read “The Market for Liberty” by Linda & Morris Tannehill (1970)

"This brilliant book explains why government is an unnecessary evil and how the Free Market is superior in every possible way."

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 11:33 PM

71114 Bravo Chris! Excellent analogy. Rock on!

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 11:41 PM

71114 Speaking of authority: Some massive amounts of state and federal money are pouring into my area for road improvements, etc. While this is nice and all (even though its a big waste of money) it is so annoying. They mark roads as closed and such. If you try to go through, the cops will stop you and ticket you if you run on the roads or try to take short cuts.

So, I turned it around on them.

The other day I was at a yard sale. For a quarter, they had this old white hardhat for sale. Uh, huh. I don't even need to explain the rest of it.

Yes! I just put that hat on a half mile or so away from the jobsite and they just wave me right on through. While the criminals play dress up with badges and funny hats annoys us, it also means that EVERYONE ELSE is so sheoplistic (like Sheeple-listic) that they just accept you. I'm betting that if you wore a uniform that made you look similar to a cop, the other cops would treat you the same, well, for a while. They get really pissy when they realize theyve been played for a fool.

Be careful out there.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 7:15 AM

one arch

with monarch and monarchy there is one author, one voice of authority representing all. that is a dictatorship, as would be the ten commandments, as would be in slightly more disguised form 'work makes freedom'.

an arch

with anarch and anarchy each has their own authority. i would assert that is true and contrary to any claim for control humankind free of struggles for survival or because of them seek self sufficiency as well as seeking to share the difficulties and pleasures of life.

there are already several views here, that is anarchy, it works, control doesn't despite the persistant efforts of the thought police through time. a political structure becomes self amplifying, so easy to start and so difficult to stop if there is an ignorant and fearful populous.

david stanley

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 7:25 AM

<Government as a whole is nothing more than a collection of serial rights violators>

i refer to 'human rights' as the foundation con, it is the initiation of a power bank, it is the strapline for the political salesperson, selling death, based on death as documented in 1984 and as a realisable truth. (legal - inherited 'rights')

if you can sell people 'human rights', then you have sold protection. game over if you give powers to others you do not have. government is a protection racket, it operates as an island (claiming sovereignty of itself, a company). it claims ownership on a territorial basis outside of itself, providing by intent goods and services on a compulsory basis. the weapon of choice is 'the word', what is called law though these are the words of a political salesperson.

if one believes in voluntary relationships, much follows from there. on a personal note, i am only alive today because many people volunteered to assist me at times of threat. a free mind is the cure to government, it is a state of being i aspire to and that i share it has meant my life has been targeted for destruction winston style for years. most recently landing at 'airstrip 1' being intercepted by armed freemasons, thrown into an experimental facility before meeting the occult mafia (the ill eagle system). it was continuous violent assault, mainly psychological which is all the more brutal and devestating in part because people don't see it or refuse to. i am living proof of what government is and conceals, also the witness they seek to erase. i offer a peaceful way out, it can all be so easy at a time when politics past and present is so transparent. for the dictator peace is not an option.

organised politics is founded on contradiction. we approach the occult date of the cenotaph ceremony when on 11/11 they celebrate those who gave their lives to war (war is peace for the dictator for whom there is never peace). whilst the public are being fed in britain the propaganda from the last world war (the matchstick spitfires against the fuel sabotaged luftwaffe - same company same family, proof of the same being furnished to this site) i would like to thank those living people who did risk their lives voluntarily that i could still be alive at this time.
i would so much like to be able to thank them in person, many are untracable. i thank an american who flew from japan to britain to help get me to america, the public being fed the story of 'pant terrorist' to try to interrupt his flight. thank you tony, it requires surprising few to make all the difference.
or witch hell and the bbc

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 8:41 AM

<No doubt if some savage in the woods came upon a child in a vampire costume he would probably assume the child was some sort of vampire and that was "just the way things are.">

on one occasion i was led from a cell to what was called court, it was a telescreen in a dark room, the animations and audio on the telescreen at the far end of the room reflecting a playspace elsewhere where the occult mafia (court officials) were really not some gruesome gang to fear but a home of busted kids playing a game. we are in an economic dictatorship, their income depends on their views, their income is therefore a survival issue and they are trapped in a mind control system on which they depend. it was utter nonsense aka 'stuff of nonsense' in alice in wonderland, the witchery mind state for life in britain. i said life, i mean unlife, people harrassed by spook systems from cradle to grave.

i seek to free those people not fight them but it was interesting to watch how they ignored inconvenient truths, all of them. i was at the time just consciousness expressing itself, one expression was that i was being tortured. this was ignored as if unsaid despite the reality being known. it went as if unsaid, unheard. i gave some names asking for legal advice, i didn't have need of it but the telescreen divided two worlds and to enter their theatre i called in a missing member of the cast. though they wanted their own representative to talk to not me as reality threatened their peace, a state defense representative (wolf in sheeps clothing), they were caught in their own catch 22 (master lock - 22).

language is part of the mind prison that has people unwittingly making fools of themselves. if you wanted safety, sanctuary from the war, the official solution is seek asylum (if you are sane you need a lunatic asylum - aka controlled insanity 1984, aka catch 22 appies if you are unmad. asylum in practice means signing over your slavery to another nation (company). i have met many of the alphabet agencies that represent the company around the world, it is all about control, they don't mind if a gang runs a street outside of legal land as long as they enslave their people and tax (harrass) them.

it requires very little effort to transcend this system of 'welcome to hell heaven can wait', just to think, really think. it follows from there, the diVisions that seperate powers exist through control of the minds of people, for freedom to exist we must have free minds.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 8:59 AM

one of things i observed watching the illuminati, the bloodline operatives, was an absense of peace in their own lives. everyone is made miserable and mad by the control game. though it shadows the natural world (as a minority influence system it has to) it opposes the natural world. it is unlife, with as per 1984 the un words and as we see the construct know directly as the UN.

we have UNexpressions that can be less visible like 'jobseekers' (unemployed), 'fit for work' (unable to work) when technology has replaced the need for much work. rather than arbeit mach frei the lack of need for work should be a benefit but unemployment is presented as a bad thing, made to be a bad thing.

it is so easy for the pyramid to start. a controlled shortage, a problem, those who manage the supply or problem have the conflict of interest of profiting from the supply control or problem rather than temporarily helping with the crisis. they just have to employ more controllers to sit on a pyramid that then rises up underneath them. people are then destroyed by their protectors, that is a tearful end and means requiring all of us to be fools.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 9:43 AM

fort heathrow

at heathrow the black and whites give me the biggest pair of white trousers they can find that i appear like a clown saying i can't have my own. though they mocked my appearance it is imagery that deceives people and i had no problem with this, not to mention i did not at any point abandon humour.

i was awoken if ever i went to sleep, it is standard military interrogation preparation but there was no interrogation to happen, the issue being what i knew about reality, past present and intended.

i ask if i could make a phone call. i was playing as i knew dave incommunicado was the intention, they tell people who i am through their media or not as suits the plans that rule them. i was given the monitor handset of the phone (no microphone) and laughed as i was talking only to hear 'hello, hello' from the other end who could not hear me. this is the words have two meanings lie, human rights state you are allowed a call, i was, that they couldn't hear at the other end is what human rights amount to, often far worse.

i asked if i could smoke, another test as deprivation of the same is torture (smoking being banned during war, this one included). as i knew the game there were no need for masks and a black and white said to me similar to: 'you know, we used to invite people in and have people smoke inside the station, it was good for business'. the secret reality in britain is that these are what are termed 'cop shops', in america at woodruff park in atlanta this was overt rather than concealed.

before this i had visited the british consul, an office the pacific group building (floor 34) who were discussing having explosive doors fitted as in washington. the pacific group, a texan corporate collossus which was part of suiciding the money system.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 9:57 AM

with milgram i recommend reading the outlinks, the conclusions. what was experimentally proven dismantles constructs that people often hold dear, loyalty to a group for example.

<Language provides numerous terms to pinpoint this type of morality: loyalty, duty, discipline are all terms heavily saturated with moral meaning and refer to the degree to which a person fulfills his obligations to authority. They refer not to the "goodness" of the person per se but to the adequacy with which a subordinate fulfills his socially defined role. The most frequent defense of the individual who has performed a heinous act under command of authority is that he has simply done his duty. In asserting this defense, the individual is not introducing an alibi concocted for the moment but is reporting honestly on the psychological attitude induced by submission to authority.

For a person to feel responsible for his actions, he must sense that the behavior has flowed from "the self." In the situation we have studied, subjects have precisely the opposite view of their actions -- namely, they see them as originating in the motives of some other person. Subjects in the experiment frequently said, "if it were up to me, I would not have administered shocks to the learner.">
Anonymous blogger

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 12:36 PM

13094 Read also
Lysander Spooner's "No treason. The constitution of no authority".

This explains clearly why the constitution has no power whatsoever to bind you and your children for generations, just because a few men with wigs wrote a bunch of things they thought important on a piece of paper (without YOUR consent...) since, as a contract, is null and void given that you have not signed to abide by its rules. Excellent logical argument, clearly and brilliantly written:

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 12:45 PM

avoidable dangers ahead

as people see through a layer of illusion it becomes unprofitable to maintain it and a veil is lifted as one of the few free rockstars revealed (frank zappa). this is the fascism phase as overt commerce and overt politics combine. i noticed that much of the british prison system was being rebranded with such names as 'reliance', from memory a corporate front of indian elite, staffed substantially by part of the alphabet soup known as the mod. the british consul in a pacific group building, a texas based super corporate combine harvester. behind the scenes ibm providing the connectivity and systemic combat systems, computerised ai eagle systems, british and american media included. i saw in the occult (hidden knowledge) media what appeared to be a call to the cults, to the faithful that humankind (now eyes part open) were ripe for harvesting.

one could perhaps foresee a situation where the 'meek inherit the earth', what appears to be a postured aim, again a set of words that has two meanings. there could be a swath of of traumatised ignorant and fearful people struggling to survive, what would be easy prey for the organised power clubs to emerge from the ashes like a phoenix repeating the cycle of mad misery and bust all over again.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 12:57 PM

groupthink is a construct, i target the constructs to release the people hiding behind and imprisoned by them. seeing the illuminati at work i have met and observed miserable people enslaved by control agendas practicing ignorance. i have met senior freemasons in their theatre seeming practicioning the cons with conscious zeal with the self delusion (and contradiction) that as g men with knowledge of cons they are gods. really they are slaves building their own prison with the intermediate comfort of access to the monopoly of trade the government front (they maintain) provides.

what a waste if a thousand years of history, the real one, goes unknown allowing it to be repeated. i find it only helpful rather than harmful to use their internet (the tv) if you know some of real history.

freedom with ignorance is a recipe for disaster. the media (counter intelligence) sustantially operates on that basis.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 2:28 PM

174100 OK...I/We acknowledge that our lives are dictated by thugs, criminals in suits and liars. So now what?

America is a group of loosely bound, easily pissed-off, egotistical non-thinkers. We are not like other countries where heritage runs deep in the people, and they have a sacred respect for their country and its way of life. America is a mixing pot. There is very little consolidarity. Opinions on non-issues (e.g., abortion, religion, building a mosque...hehehe) rule the day and everyone is so pumped up with american pride they refuse to listen to counter arguments or even attempt to understand the other side.

I don't take any jollies in saying this. Its what I have observed and read. Its a parasitic nation of cosmopolitan beings whose main priority is me, me, me. There is no group think, or how ones action might affect another (detrimentally).

So what has brought together the american people in the past 100 years. Only one thing. War. Whether you are for it, or against it, its the only thing that has brought the masses together to voice their opinions.

I'll let that speak for itself.

Posted: Sep 20 2010, 1:01 PM

<OK...I/We acknowledge that our lives are dictated by thugs, criminals in suits and liars. So now what?>

i was in america. i didn't climb a hill, i wouldn't have seen anything from there, i checked the reality layer living as (and being) a tramp, looking at what happened, was happening, what people wanted behind their postures. it was clear, government has to go and it is on the way out. if one knows past and present one can then make effective choices relating to the future. it isn't compulsory, taking part in reality is actively discouraged but it is a choice.

i looked also at the elite perspectives, these are routinely put into effect and presented as movies. it is something i take seriously, government in death throes involves by the nature of the beast torturing, wounding and killing people and that is happening in britain, happening in a manner which is disguised by the brainwashing people are given.

the elites i suspect are in something of a fix as they have looked at things from the perspective of control which is a blinkered position creating converging errors. i will give an example of a perspective but i took an in depth look at america, britain has the much nastier issues, america is freedom waiting to happen.

Posted: Sep 20 2010, 1:11 PM

V division

there are many films to portray how government and society ends that are very similar, last night i watched 'the fifth element'. the film had the stupified president (obama), it had the mad general who only wanted war, it had the fifth element (ss, secret state, division 5), it had the special forces (bruce willis as usual), the priest. the story was simple, government vs the alienated and invading people (aliens). the priest and special forces were on a mission to save the world (not earth but the company, the construct, the power structure, the matrix etc), the priest by what he knew and the special forces by what they did (best at killing people). in the film burce willis has to collect the elements, these are arranged in the form of a cross, the 5th element in the middle with earth, wind, fire and water at the points.

global policy was put out at the royal society, protecting the company's assets, dropping the oil game and creating and controlling water supplies etc. back to basics, control of the essential elements on which humankind depends.

Posted: Sep 20 2010, 1:23 PM

specialo forces saved by presentation the president from going mad (mutually assured destruction), blowing up everything unneccessary as the special forces killed the insurgents and secured the assets. some films present conflict as per the religious con of good vs evil, duality, those who are programmed with that may superimpose that on the film.

the ends of these films tend to be a final nonsense twist, it think so in this case. president saved, the war machine saved, no need for global nuclear war to defeat all people. was the top of the pyramid saved, if murdering off all those who disagree what is left and where does that lead?

as also detailed by the royal society, the economic terrorism actioned by central banking drained the pyramid of debt tokens ('money'). this places the whole pyramid at war, everything gov does is for its survival when it is the blockage on remedy by existing, it is the problem, all that it is doing is the wrong thing. this includes that government is committing suicide as it is killing off that which it is parasitic on, for example the poor.

i listened to nick clegg and david cameroon, the so called coalition, worth a quick look as they are blatently from the same test tube.

Posted: Sep 20 2010, 1:29 PM

dissociated people will perhaps sit back and enjoy the film believing the day was saved, the reverse of a drug effect, trauma then happy ending. the film is about the company surviving, the monopoly control grid it depends on, their own murder, the suicide train they are on, their living death, their displacement from reality. people are offered carrots or sticks, pain or pleasure and they tend to take the distraction, the distraction being an altered reality which is controlled in order to control them. these are the dangerous paths, this is how we have got to such a point as we have, government is not nor was it for people, just for those who were deciding for other people.

as for the elite perspectives on the 'endings' and how they are reached, nah, not for me. there is a war here in britain, it is hideous, i came back because it is hideous and i figure there are easier ways for gov to come down for pretty much everyone.

Posted: Sep 28 2010, 6:31 PM

99230 Dave if you didn't write this incoherent diatribe whilst under the influence of psychedelics you are clearly insane and probably need to seek some sort of therapy...

Posted: Nov 14 2010, 10:56 AM

20853 You are only sort of right. We do need some limited govt. IF we could have the govt. that the founders envisioned then that would be a great govt.

However, some guys with very small dicks decided that govt. was the way to have power. The more power they assumed the less small their little dicks felt.

Hence there is a difference between America and the United States Government.
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