Big Pharma’s Lifetime Dependents

by Karen De Coster
Jul. 13, 2010

More amazing stories in the mainstream news about the pharmaceutical-medical establishment’s favorite demon: cholesterol. The LA Times reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be screened for “high” cholesterol. Of course, “high” has come to mean a number that is deemed perilous without looking at the breakdown of that number, which is why I put the word in quotes. This screening should start “after age 2.”

Screening all children for cholesterol, rather than just those with a family history, will uncover many more cases of the condition that can be treated early to prevent heart disease later in life, the authors said. Statin therapy has been shown to be safe and effective in lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad kind of cholesterol) levels in children.
I reckon that “Patients for Life” would be a great name for a mandatory screening program. We can then go on our merry way and enjoy the wonderful cycle of having Big Agra’s corporatist cronies manufacture toxic and health-destroying foods while the pharmaceutical cronies generate magical pills to “cure” what ails us.

Additionally, in Europe, the European Commission has approved chewable Lipitor for children. That ought to make its way to the US, soon, in the form of teddy bears and gummi worms. As Biospace reports,
Pfizer (PFE)'s plan to sell a chewable version of Lipitor, its bestselling cholesterol drug, for children in Europe is a clue to how the company might manage its portfolio of blockbusters once they lose the patent protection that currently gives them exclusive marketing rights. There's a technical reason why Pfizer wants "Lipitor Chewables for Kids"* on the market (aside from everyone's natural desire to see a Flintstones statin box the on the shelves): By doing the necessary tests to show the medicine is safe and effective in kids, Pfizer can earn another six months of protection against competition from cheap generic versions of the drug.
Just another example of government and its corporate cronies keeping you healthy and safe. Here are some simple LDL cholesterol primers for the layman: Part 1 and Part 2.

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