The Conspiracy of Incompetence and Corruption in the White House

by Lew Rockwell
Lew Rockwell Blog
Jun. 23, 2010

Writes Jack Douglas:
McChrystal has fired his media aide. McChrystal is so busy destroying Afghanistan and Pakistan to save them that he almost certainly does not have time to read and discovert that Rolling Stone publishes the truth. He has dealt with CBS, NYT, and all the rest without having his truthful words show up in public. They all protect Obama and the Conspiracy of Incompetence and Corruption in the White House. McChrystalís aide apparently also does not read Rolling Stone. Fatal error.

IF Obama had any knowledge of the final years of the Vietnam U.S. Catastrophe, he would see McChrystal as Westmoreland on Steroids. He is actually pursuing the Ink Spot, Mass Murder, AID to win hearts and minds, totally corrupt Puppet Regime, and all the rest the U.S. pursued so avidly to produce a catastrophe for everyone in Vietnam. He is even producing a terrible civil war in Pakistan the way the U.S. did in Cambodia. IF he knew that and saw it in Afghanistan, he would end the agony and stop the growing U.S. catastrophe there. But he is more likely to appoint someone far more incompetent than McChrystal. Incompetence breeds incompetence.

Now what? The U.S. is in total disarray in Afghanistan and is losing the hearts and minds and fire fights faster and faster--on steroids. Obama will speed it all up as he always does. He appointed McChrystal, gave him almost everything he wanted, and got promises in return of quick and easy victory. Just like Vietnam. Yada Yada. Now Obama will rush out† all the little tin soldiers with pretty salad dressing messes on their jackets ["Gedunk Metals" as they call that staff officer crap in the military] and they will all insist it is absolutely not like Vietnam and the Big Media Hacks will all sing the same refrain as they always do and they will rush toward a far greater catastrophe sure of total victory.

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