Does fluoride help cause lead poisoning?

Fluoride is in Knoxville's water supply and most of the outlying utility districts.
Lauren Davis
Mar. 20, 2010

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Fluoride is in Knoxville's water supply and most of the outlying utility districts.
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The element prevents tooth decay.

But a new study says it can lead to lead poisoning.

So we dug a little deeper to find out the truth for you.

Dentist Reuben Pelot knows firsthand the benefits of fluoride.

60 years ago, before fluoride was in your water supply, Dr. Pelot worked at the local health department.

Reuben Pelot, DDS says, "We would have oodles of kids and almost 90 percent were there for extractions because teeth were rotted out.

Nowadays, it's almost 180 degrees the other way.

Reuben Pelot, DDS says, "They're saving more teeth than they're extracting primarily through the advent of fluoride into our public water supply."
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But a new study in lab animals found fluoride chemicals added to public water supplies, boosts lead absorption in lab animals' bones, teeth and blood.

Low-level lead exposure is associated with lower IQ, ADHD and many health and behavior ailments.

But Dr. Susan Orwick-Barnes, member of the Tennessee Dental Association, researched the study and found out this.
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Susan Orwick-Barnes, DDS says, "The rats had 8 times the amount of fluoride than what we get in our water in the optimal amount. That premise made me feel the report was flawed from the beginning."
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So if you're getting fluoride from sources in addition to your water, be aware of your intake.
[If farmers use fluoridated water their crops contain high levels, there is no escape]
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And here's a warning for parents whose kids are drinking bottled water without fluoride.

Dr. Barnes says, "You need to make sure your child is drinking tap water with fluoride or at least cook with it."

So for Dr. Pelot and Dr. Barnes, they recommend fluoride so you and your children will have healthy teeth that fight acids and bacteria that cause dental decay.
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