Glenn Beck Associates Tea Parties With Austin Bomber, Asks If Austin Bomber Is "Radical Constitutionalist"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 19, 2010

Coaxed in rhetoric and uncertainty Glenn Beck on his TV show immediately after the Austin plane attack clearly suggested there may be a relation between the bomber and the Tea Party movement. He went into a scripted screed about how the tea parties need to get away from anyone calling for a revolution, "whether it’s a Tea Party revolution or a communist one." He knows full well the Tea party movement is about a restoration of our constitution and bill of rights, no one has ever suggested a violent revolution involving flying planes into buildings and for him to even suggest that there is any connection shows his true colors. Immediately after the attack as the building still smoldered TIME Magazine, the Washington Post, and New York Magazine all attempted to associate the attacker with the Tea Party movement, despite no evidence and the Tea Parties obvious non-violent message. Glenn Benedict Arnold Beck can now be added to that list as well.
"We have no idea what this man’s ideology was…he could be from the left, he hates capitalism, he has an anti-business creed that goes on and on. It sounds like anything you could hear in a speech from Van Jones. When you read his anti-tax ravings and his anti-tax or IRS stuff it sounds like you could be reading bumper stickers off the cars or the signs of the Tea Party. We have no idea. But here’s the point. I have no idea if he’s left or right. Is he a communist or a radical constitutionalist. Here’s the point: it doesn’t matter. The guy is a killer."

“...get away from anybody who’s calling for a revolution…whether it’s a Tea Party revolution or a communist one."
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Notice how he draws the connection and then instead of taking it away or condemning anyone making the connection he simply says "it doesn't matter."

Actually it does matter Glenn Benedict, real patriots who want the government to follow the constitution and bill of rights are in no way terrorists or violent criminals. To suggest that to be the case is the most vile of political intimidation and slander. How dare you and the Washington Post, New York Magazine, and TIME make that connection and yet act as though you are a red blooded American.

The Tea Party movement you claimed to support has never been about terrorism or violent revolution and to suggest that to be the case but then say "it doesn't matter" is inexcusable and despicable.

All Tea Party members and "radical constitutionalists" need to take heed this man is not your friend and he is not one of us. Glenn Beck supported the Banker Bailout despite 95% of Americans being instinctively against it and he has repeatedly accused Ron Paul supporters and 9/11 Truthers of being terrorists despite there being absolutely no evidence of that being the case. He has also recently been repeatedly calling for the most socialist and oppressive tax scheme of all time in the form of Europe's socialist VAT Tax, (a tax on every single exchange) which Beck says is needed to pay off the foreign bankers who own our illegitimate national debt.


Note that everything he is saying is fully scripted, he is reading off a teleprompter and his pauses and fake emotional expressions are all rehearsed.

Beck: "Get away from anybody who's calling for a revolution"

Excuse no one's violent behavior? No one is excusing anyones violent behavior. It is funny though that you don't seem to care about Obama expanding the war in Afghanistan? I guess violent behavior against foreigners is just fine?

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