Towson University: Extra Credit Offered To Students Who Get Flu Shot

Sep. 23, 2009

Reported from an InformationLiberation reader...

Chris, I was just told by a friend of mine that in her Biology course, Introduction to Ecology and Evolution, extra credit was being offered in return for getting this year’s influenza vaccine.  No word yet as to whether this will be done for the H1N1 vaccine as well, but this knowledge left me with a disturbed feeling regardless.  One, are students with legitimate concerns about getting the vaccine being put at an unfair disadvantage, and two, is undue pressure being put on them to do something that could have potentially long term health effects? It turns out that the clinic on campus ran out of flu vaccines and students are asking for more time to get their injection.   This begs the final question, are universities finding ways to get students vaccinated, not by making it mandatory and superseding exemptions, but by creating incentives so that students demand it?

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