Chinese Girl Becomes Media Darling After Expressing Desire to Become "Corrupt Official"

The Epoch Times
Sep. 08, 2009

A short video posted on NanDu.Net, a Chinese news website, featuring a six year old girl from Guangzhou City has become the talk of China. When asked about her ideal life, the first grader proudly announced that she dreamed of becoming “a corrupt official, as they have lots of property.” The video was soon being discussed throughout the major media and Internet forums.

By late Sept. 2, the video had already received 14,000 hits, but was soon blocked and later deleted by the website. NanDu.Net had set up a poll for viewers to vote on how they felt about the video; the majority said it “accurately reflected the reality of Chinese society.”

”This six-year-old girl can see the nature of our society,” said Guangzhou attorney Liu Shihui in an interview with the Epoch Times. “I very much admired her vision. She got right to the point. Unfortunately, it also shows how poisoned the next generation of the country has become. These little souls have been led astray; this is awful.”

An anonymous writer from Guangzhou doesn’t believe that the video is that unusual for China nowadays. He believes that the little girl's parents probably have shown envy towards China’s corrupt officials.

“There is a popular saying nowadays: 'being a corrupt official is equal to winning the lottery,’ said the writer. “As a Chinese Governmental official you can have anything you want. Your privilege knows no limits.”

He also mentioned that most officials don't even need to touch money. Instead, they simply accept houses or vehicles, which is even easier.

“Ordinary people can tolerate these corrupt officials much more than they used to. Now, if you mention to someone how much an official was bribed, this person won’t be shocked at all. This kind of thing has become perfectly normal,” he explained.

“Corruption in China…everyone knows this happens, but no one talks about it,” said one video viewer. “This kid is extraordinary. She’s so young but she already understands the situation.”

“Super! She's that young, and already understands how the world works. She will be someone when she grows up,” said another viewer commenting on the video.

“She’s right! Being a corrupt official is a good life. I want to be one too. Low risk, high profit. Who wouldn’t want that life?” another viewer said.

“Isn't this how our country really is? Everybody hates and curses these corrupt officials, yet they all want to be just like him,” remarked one viewer.

“This is so sad! Our morality has fallen so low, and our society is on the brink of collapse. Just look at how severely it has impacted the mental health of the children,” another viewer replied.

“It's so nice to be a corrupt official. You can have a car, house, money, enjoy high social status, and all the right connections. You can have more women…you may even have someone birth a son for you when you're 60 years old,” mentioned one viewer.

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