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Article posted Apr 02 2009, 9:45 PM Category: History Source: Print

The Soviet Story

Please note this film is rather graphic

“The Soviet Story” is a story of an Allied power, which helped the Nazis to fight Jews and which slaughtered its own people on an industrial scale. Assisted by the West, this power triumphed on May 9th, 1945. Its crimes were made taboo, and the complete story of Europe’s most murderous regime has never been told. Until now…

“The Soviet Story” is a story of an Allied power, which helped the Nazis to fight Jews and which slaughtered its own people on an industrial scale. Assisted by the West, this power triumphed on May 9th, 1945. Its crimes were made taboo, and the complete story of Europe’s most murderous regime has never been told. Until now…


The film tells the story of the Soviet regime.

- The Great Famine in Ukraine (1932/33)
- The Katyn massacre (1940)
- The SS-KGB partnership [in the late 1930s the KGB was called NKVD, more info>]
- Soviet mass deportations
- Medical experiments in the GULAG.

These are just a few of the subjects covered in the film.

“The Soviet Story” also discusses the impact of the Soviet legacy on modern day Europe. Listen to experts and European MPs discussing the implications of a selective attitude towards mass murder; and meet a woman describing the burial of her new born son in a GULAG concentration camp.
The Soviet Story is a story of pain, injustice and “realpolitik”.


Title: “The Soviet Story”
Type: Documentary film
Genre: History, politics
Director: Edvins Snore
Language: English
Length: 85 min.
Date of production: 2008

”The Soviet Story” was filmed over 2 years in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, France, UK and Belgium. Material for the documentary was collected by the author, Edvins Snore, for more than 10 years. As a result, ”The Soviet Story” presents a truly unique insight into recent Soviet history, told by people, once Soviet citizens, who have first hand knowledge of it.

Unique video footage

Rare footage shot in 1990, the last year of the USSR, shows an abandoned Soviet death-camp in Magadan, Siberia, where the KGB had carried out medical experiments on prisoners.

The film also presents never before broadcasted Nazi footage showing Soviets helping Hitler launch WW2 and providing aid for the Nazi Blitzkrieg.

Exclusive images

”The Soviet Story” features a number of photographs taken by Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s personal photographer. These pictures have never before been shown to the public.

The film also presents several shocking Nazi documents found by the film’s author in the Political Archive of the German Foreign Ministry (2007).

Film written and directed by Edvīns Šnore and sponsored by the UEN Group in the European Parliament.

Latest History
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- Declassified Docs Show How US Imperialism Nearly Led to a Recent Nuclear Holocaust
- The Man Who Made Your Selfies Possible
- Government Power Was His Mortal Enemy
- J.R.R. Tolkien the Anarchist: 'The Most Improper Job of Any Man is Bossing Other Men. Not One in a Million is Fit for it'
- A Radical Libertarian in the British Parliament
- The Foreign Terrorist Lincoln Tried To Hire
- 'The Loony Left': 60 Minutes Piece From 80's Takes Fascinating Look At Origin Of Today's 'Social Justice Warriors'

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Posted: Apr 04 2009, 10:22 AM

I found it interesting to see how they produce a new version of history. Dangerous propaganda but that is how it works.

Posted: Apr 04 2009, 10:59 AM

The parts I found the most interesting were how they would go in and kill all the intellectuals, top workers, and general leaders in a country as the first step of taking it over. This is exactly what the US did to Iraq:

The parts discussing Darwin and Engels were excellent as well as the footage of George Bernard Shaw saying you must prove your worth to stay alive. You must "produce more than you consume" and "justify your existence" in order to be allowed to live...

Some parts were over the top but it made me think a lot nonetheless. Kind of makes me appreciate The Age of Transitions even more because it's such a propaganda free film.

Posted: Apr 04 2009, 11:46 AM

I wasn't criticising that the film was here chris, just if people watched television and they listened to this nonsense they could have a dangerous view of reality.

<Its crimes were made taboo, and the complete story of Europe’s most murderous regime has never been told. Until now…>

According to the film, this mind control propaganda had the benefit of financial support from:

'the union for europe of the nations political group in the european parliament'

Part of exactly the same terrorist construct are telling us a rather special version of their own history because they want the future as well.

Posted: Apr 04 2009, 12:25 PM

When I was speaking to one of the russians who worked on their nukes he told me how they arrested the experienced generals. This does make it nice and easy to let the german team in. Similarly in britain some of those who uncovered the war was being arranged there and wanted to stop it were thrown into prison.

People are ruled through ignorance, history especially, this piece of propaganda helps to explain how that is done.

Posted: Apr 05 2009, 10:25 PM

Though I checked which salesman was doing the voice overlay, one of the things that perhaps made me more sensitive to that broadcast than most (apart from the unusual story) was the first english person that appeared in it. His mannerisms were a such a direct match for David Blunkett (former home secretary) it seemed we had yet another inbred telling a public version of their own story.

Aldous Huxley has been heavily featured on this site and rightly so. He mentions at the start of this interview the political purpose of high populations, massive orchestrated immigration in britain being something that has been going on for some time:

It seems to me (to steal a phrase from huxley) that he is planting these things in the minds of people as if they aren't surprised they are less sensitive to these changes (which were already in progress).

Posted: Apr 05 2009, 11:07 PM

2468 Whoa Dave thanks.
Sounds like Mike Wallace would be happier in the Soviet Union.
Did notice the furrowing in Huxes brow during some of those most interesting questions.

Posted: Apr 10 2009, 3:59 PM

800 Huxley was a member of the Committee of 300. ( NWO- ELITE ).
Also interestingly, that 'old leftie' Anthony Wedgewood Benn.
Small world, isn't it ?

Posted: Apr 12 2009, 8:35 AM



Posted: Apr 27 2009, 2:11 PM

136148 This film shows us nothing new, anyone who has any curiosity about history has a good idea of these events and their perpetrators.

To describe it as propaganda, due to an implied personal disagreement of perspective, admits a subjective view of history that, therefor, cannot be more accurate than the view expressed in film.

It is interesting to ponder the motives of the political party that financed this, the producers seem to stress; everyone should know about Soviet human rights violation, by implication; not enough people do.

After half a century of political discourse amounting to propaganda against the red threat, these violations are self evident to any casual student of history.

I think perhaps they are calling for the many new East European citizens to see their injustices, at the hands of the soviets, to be recognised and given due consideration at some sort of tribunal.

As a political film, i think its fairly even handed, i hadnt quite grasped the violence of marxist theory beyond revolution, nor the fervour of Shaw who is remembered quite differentley in the UK. I could go on...

Posted: May 08 2009, 2:32 AM

98202 I dont hear them saying that Stalin, Lenin etc were all Jews. They left out that the Beloševićs who started all this were Jews. Communism is in fact a zionist jew party. Every high ranking member in stalin and lenins cabinet were Jews. I thinks its sad that this film trys to re write history and leaves out the most important facts. I suggest that before you listen to this bull crap you do some research. Yea, millions died in the USSR but they were Christians. The gas chambers in Germany were NOT for killing jews, but were for killig lice and disease. Watch the "Revisionist" videos that are out from the experts. Dont believe what some Russian jew film maker says . Theres a reason why in a lot of countries its illegal to research the holocaust and what happened to the "Jews", They dont want you to discover the dirty lie youve been told. I suggest you people spend a couple days and research the facts and not for one second believ what they are trying to tell you here. Lets see, start by goggling "Revisionism videos" then " Beloševićs" then "was Stalin a jew" or
"was Lenin a jew" I have great books that will give you the truth about Communism and Nazism, Have you ever heard about a Ashkenazi jew? Notice the NAZI part in Ashkenazi ? Just Goggle Ashkenazi jew for a little truth. Do you know that 95% of the people who call themselves jews today arent really jewish< they are Khazars, not jews. They dont have a drop of semitic blood in their bodies. watch the video on goggle called " Forbidden Knowledge" by Jack Otto ,, to get the truth about the so called jews of today. These videos of truth wont be online for long if the zionists get their way and get the new "Internet2" shoved down our throats. I suggest you educate yourself and your family and friends what the truth is and who the enemy of humanity is. but you wont, youll just say im a hater and wont bother even doing a couple goggle searchs or even watching the vids I recommended. SAD
Get with it already!

Posted: Sep 04 2009, 11:58 AM

67170 Oh here we go again. Even in the information age blatant propaganda is flourishing because of people’s inevitable thirst for gossip and hatred.

Other then the BASIC fact checking online, all one has to do is pay attention to the EDITING of this so called “documentary”.

It’s a FRAUD. The footage does not correspond to the commentary, to the time line, and in places is simply spliced, the photos are well known fakes, and the list goes on.

Anybody ever used movie maker or camcorder editing? For Christ Sakes people, you ARE on the internet, look stuff up for crying out loud, it’s all there.

The first thing you’ll find is that the same people that fund such crap are all the same, and what a surprise, in Estonia NATO holds yearly war game called ‘Erna”, which is a code name of Hillers initial invasion of Soviet Union.

That’s right, every year NATO countries (including Canada, UK, US and so on) holds the biggest international military exercise in memory of Hitler’s attack of Soviet Union, all while in Estonia government officials hold Waffen SS rallies, with swastikas and everything, give out awards and it’s happening NOW, not in some imaginary passed of the last century.

The same people that made this so-called documentary are screaming “Hail-Hitler” on the streets of countries that are official EU and NATO members, together with government leaders all under protection of police.

How’s that for reality?

Posted: Sep 07 2009, 4:17 PM

To: "Get With It Already"

How do you ascertain the truth from the lies? How do you know that when you are watching or reading something the information is credible?

I love the premise of "Information Liberation", (and really do appreciate this website or I wouldn't write here...) but I can't tell if what I am watching or reading is legitimate or not.

I feel more like I am in a state of information overload and confusion and where is the liberation in that?

Noone addresses these questions; I ask them hundreds of times to various people and I am gettting to the point that I don't think anyone really knows how to acccurately portray the truth.

One will only be liberated when the information provided is as unbiased as possible with real facts to support the theories.

There is no liberation without this...



Posted: Sep 07 2009, 4:32 PM

Hey JB, it is like riding a bike, at first it is difficult and you have to fall a few times or ride with training wheels but eventually you get the hang of it and can ride no handed ;) Just keep at it and don't be afraid to fall on your face!

Posted: Sep 08 2009, 1:05 AM


Please don't misunderstand me when I say that your answer doesn't help at all. I understand the intent, but it doesn't answer my question. In fact, I've asked you this question loads of times and you have never answered these questions:

How do you know what you are posting is real or not? legitimate or not? How can you differentiate the truth from the lies?

I went to a book signing where Ralph Nader was speaking. He went on to basically say that most news sources were untrustworthy. I raised my hand and asked him: "How do you know what sources to trust?" He didn't have an answer either.

Doesn't anyone have a real answer? Some people tell me to trust my heart (whatever that is a nice sentiment but doesn't really follow that my heart thinks....). Other people tell me to practice as if it is bike riding : )!.

I'm asking you:

When you post something, how do you know what you are posting is legitimate? When do you get to the point where you are certain that the information you are passing along to others is correct and accurate? I am not talking about just posts, but when you are teaching other people about what is going on in the world, what makes you so certain that your information is accurate?

As always respectfully,


Posted: Sep 08 2009, 1:23 AM

Oh, well it's because I am in touch with my soul, when I know a thing I know it. No if ands or buts about it ;)

I have thought before the difference between something you know and something you believe is the element of choice. You choose what you believe, what you know you can only accept or deny, but you cannot choose it once you know it.

Posted: Sep 08 2009, 1:43 AM

With all due respect (please don't take this the wrong way) I listen to my soul too....but I guess I was hoping to give my soul a little more help with processing all of the information I'm getting from this site as well as others....I have been known to get things wrong once in awhile : )!

Can you give me a practical example?

Simply stated:

a. You post an article
b. How do you ascertain the validity of the article? I am looking for a practical guide to finding the truth so I can take the law degree that I am going to work my *** off for (after I take this test!!!) and use it to stop some of the nonsense I think is happening.

Your last sentence is just about the coolest thing I've read in ages.....

I will apply accordingly:

Some people choose to believe that Jesus C is the son of GOD. This is a choice. If someone were to prove that JC was mortal, they could not in good rationality, continue to believe such a thing and still be rational beings. But millions of people still believe that JC is the son of GOD. One could say that many choose to not know the truth about JC. Or perhaps he was immortal and I am irrational. What's true? What's not?

Posted: Dec 12 2009, 8:55 PM

92232 Fascinating thought provoking stuff but that's what makes life interesting. Truth is what we experience first hand for ourselves (leaving out quantum mechanics for the moment), everything else is open to debate and individual interpretation. Consensus of opinion is all that we have to rely on which is wide open to manipulation. Personally, I like to watch and read without having to come to a conclusion which could be flawed or false. I'm 54 years old and have worked for years in Uzbekistan and Russia (only Automotive Quality Engineering, nothing 'glamorous'). The one thing I loved to do was to listen to people talk and watch their social interaction, this is complicated, period. I have long held the belief that truth can be ascertained by watching (no joke) chimpanzee social behavior which is bereft of all our social nuances and thus reveals our true nature. Therefore, greed, racism, warfare and the desire to dominate is primal and just maybe truth can be gleaned whilst just observing all the intricacies of our clothed and private sex society. We are monkeys and just maybe we have an instinct for knowing what is true.

Posted: Dec 23 2009, 11:30 PM

6761 Watch it again but put the story line into today's context. Imagine the Lenin implementation of communism here. What do you see? Can you see America's best and brightest being replaced with imported foreign workers? Can you see the 21st century methods to holocaust (pandemic - health care reform (research the design elements). Can you see the growing number of unemployed and homeless? Can you see the setup for starvation? History is repeating but this time, they are being much more subtle. They are behind the cover of the systems.

Posted: May 12 2010, 3:36 AM

7669 Just saw the film.
Wow, I can see the Western Cold War machine is warming up again. I would be rather interested in digging some fresh material for the film from American invasion to Afghanistan and Iraq , or even Vietnam instead of trying to reveal crimes committed half a century ago - by the way, everybody knows all this. But , please, don't present Russia as a pro-nazi country. And why there is a fasces (fascist symbolic) in the U.S. Congress and on the U.S Senate Seal?

Give us something fresh. How about making "American Story" or "Israeli Story" - Crimes in Gaza and West Bank?

Posted: May 12 2010, 3:48 AM

7669 Also, there was apart where the footage was used to show how Russian civilians "could not really tell who is nazi and who is Russian due to their similar uniforms"" Bullshit. I saw that same footage in another documentary "showing" how Ukrainians greeted nazis as liberators from communists.

One footage - different connotations. I would suggest to draw opinions very carefully from this film
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