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Article posted Sep 17 2007, 7:50 PM Category: Occult Source: Wonkette Print

Dept. Of Runnin' With The Devil: Bush Junior Makes the Devil Sign Again, At 9/11 Ceremony

Once again, George W. Bush has been photographed making the devil sign — or, as Satan’s Apologists usually say, the “Hook ‘Em Horns.” It was at the White House 9/11 ceremony yesterday. Just for fun, try “accidentally” getting your hands in that position. It’s all but impossible, unless you’ve got some kind of degenerative nerve condition.

Source: Sixth Anniversary of Terror Attacks [AP/Yahoo]

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Posted: Sep 17 2007, 8:26 PM

The President and his Goat is part of a satanic ritual, perhaps just coincidence but some of his hand signals have not been.

Posted: Sep 18 2007, 4:59 AM

2463 Hmmm. Can't be sure about this. Could be he just flexing his fingers. If not. Hmmm. I have seen this hand geature several times. Is it reall a satanic sign? Or is it a sign for "texas longhorns.? I still don't know.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 1:32 AM

7565 one of bush's sycophants collects photos of bush's hands, just like a photographer did of hitler's hands. anyone believe in reincarnation? heh.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 7:41 AM

2463 The devil is in the details? heh.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 1:50 PM

I find it more disturbing seeing pictures of smiling leaders around the world shake his hand. Shaking the hand of a fellow human being as an act of friendship is good, but where it signifies agreement with so sinister an agenda, quite something else.

I have often noticed salesmen go for the fake firm grip though I don't know anyone personally that has shaken his hand.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 6:23 PM

2463 Dave
I noticed the word "friendship". That reminds me of a book I read long ago. "Friendly Fascism." This author claims the comming of Fascism not with an "iron fist" but with a "smiling face." Perhaps thats why so many of we the people don't seem to be moved or alarmed of this Fascist trend.

excerpts from the book
Friendly Fascism
The New Face of Power in America
by Bertram Gross

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 8:51 PM

You have read in depth on these issues 24, what was the trigger or motivation for looking into material so relevant to where we are now?

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 9:58 PM

2463 Dave
>>> what was the trigger or motivation for looking into material so relevant to where we are now?<<<

The trigger or motivation? I put on a big smile when I read this. Hmmm. I had to fight (still fighting, or now more self-introspection, Looking Toward the Within). my self doubts and self esteem. Face questions like, who the hell am I too.... or what do I know,or, there are more and better educated people than me that can contribute knowledge and insight, or I need to learn and read more or, I don't know enough yet, or allways being controversial, oppositional, righteous,
defensive, afraid of my inadequices, (like not knowing how to spell correctly everyting. FEAR of not knowing my "self." Being young and thinking our elders knew better. Not having titles in fields of education or social/political/economic standing.
Rather than trying to defend or escape all these I worked more at examining these in myself. FEAR was at the core of all these.
>>what was the trigger or motivation for looking into material so relevant to where we are now?<<
I am older "now" not young anymore. Also I am retired. Not working is a tremendous relief. Now I have more time that is mine and not for others. Thes factors released me and gave me more "freedom."
Also and most important is looking more within makes me more able to look without.
I think its more of an "ability' than a "motivation."
Whats my motivation? Hmm, to see God Face to Face?

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 10:47 PM

2463 Even to the point that no inspiration is inspiration.

My favorite video. I post it because there is more than being "in the streets" demonstrating. There is being "Toward the Within." People don't just look at what you say, they look where you're comming from.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 10:50 PM

2463 and there is the eloquence of words. Beyond that, the beauty of music, beyond all these there is the "Thunderous Silence."

Posted: Sep 20 2007, 6:24 PM

Thanks for the reply 24, I saw more than a title at work. I wish you the best with that journey and hope you will continue to share it. As for self doubts, I wonder if such things are relevant. I post to try to contribute, for me mistakes are part of the process but unless I am causing harm mistakes can be the most useful of all. I remember something I said on this site, a following post wasn't specific but it gave me reason to question what I thought and off I went hunting. I was wrong, it was helpful to find that out.

Posted: Sep 20 2007, 6:36 PM

I was thinking of fear only today in a specific context. Quite often the illuminati have been uncovered during research of a catastrophe, yet this, a fundamental truth because it anwers why things happened, was never released. Fear can be a factor for people not exposing conspiracy, in the extreme case perhaps a fear this could lead to death, perhaps a most unpleasant one.

I look at the issue the other way round, their CIA are doing these things now, torturing and murdering people. Not to contest such practices is to endorse them.

Talking of the illuminati, this appears to be one of their front ends:

<This international rule states that: "participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed; nor may it be mentioned that the information was received at the meeting".>

some related links

Posted: Sep 20 2007, 9:03 PM

2463 Dave
>>>Fear can be a factor for people not exposing conspiracy<<<

Apparently not for Alex Jones. He's right out there (practically in thier face!!!) in exposing the Illuminati and kindred spirits.
He has a live show on the internet and his Web Site. He's right out there!!! Don't seem that he's afraid. Maybe he's such a public figure THEY won't screw with him.

Web Site


Posted: Sep 20 2007, 10:19 PM

Alex Jones has carried a great deal on his shoulders. What individuals say or expose (with the exception of 9/11) is typically ignored, it is very different if someone has an official status, ie people who work within agencies of the state.

Alex Jones has worked tirelessly and built a considerable public profile. The BBC were the mouthpiece of the empire and he took them down live on air. That is not only quite an achievement, it was a useful public service, these were at one time highly professional missinformers.

I did like one story covered by the beeb today. The new French president is a man without honour, he called for the world to prepare for war with Iran soon after his visit to Microsoft and the Bush family. Not only is the world not with him, this even applies to some extent to officials in France it seems:

Posted: Sep 21 2007, 12:04 PM

Returning to the illuminati and one of their fake fronts ('common purpose'), I think this helps to explain some of their symbolism, what is the official seal of America; the pyramid with the eye.

I remember a UK minister being totally flummoxed when during the 'peace process' in Northern Ireland Tony Blair responded that the issues didn't matter, rather it was 'all about the process'. For the purpose he served that was true, common purpose was aligned and police and intelligence agencies were installed in that nation, the road to peace being replaced unseen with the tools of enslavement.

The methodology used is analogous perhaps to the army and the police. You set up a police force saying this is to protect the people against dangers within. You set up an army saying this is to protect people from an enemy without. To bring together these competing powers, the peaceful technique is common purpose; how the army and police can help one another building a new and yet greater power.

The true purpose and those that invoke it are disguised leaving many people believing they are doing good by being 'a policeman' or a 'soldier'. Really they are building a pyramid of power which by intention shall itself be usurped as the top of the pyramid is put into place.
Darrell Kern

Posted: Jan 07 2008, 11:58 AM

76174 Alex Jones has become a shill and has even admitted to being a fallen man. Much truth is found on his website and this is because propaganda is best when it is hidden right in front of your face- it takes the sting out, then the author appears fanatic and lunatic and the information is then largely discarded. This ruse has been used for centuries and is min manipulation at its best.
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