Debunkers Deny Existence Of NAU, JFK Conspiracy

Attitude of blind denial and dismissal threatens future of America
By Steve Watson

May. 23, 2007

A recent Seattle Times article that scoffs at the very thought of a North American Union being implemented and dismisses it as a conspiracy theory sums up the biggest threat to freedom in America today, blind ignorance in the face of troubling facts.

"Forget conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination, black helicopters, Sept. 11, 2001. This is the big one." writes Philip Dine

"We're talking about the secret plan to build a superhighway, a giant 10- to 12-lane production, from the Yucatán to the Yukon. This "SuperCorridor" would allow the really big part of the plan to take place: the merging of the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Say goodbye to the dollar, and maybe even the English language.

The rumor is sweeping the Internet, radio and magazines, spread by bloggers, broadcasters and writers who cite the "proof" in the writings of a respected American University professor, in a task force put together by the Council on Foreign Relations and in the workings of the Commerce Department. "

Dine goes on to surmise that the entire subject of the North American Union is an urban myth that "feeds on American fear of immigration and globalization".

The John Birch Society has an excellent response to Dine, which goes something along the lines of:

If the NAU is a myth why is it that...
  • 18 states have introduced resolutions calling on their federal representatives to halt work on the North American Union (they include Virginia and South Carolina)
  • 3 of these states (Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma) have passed their resolutions
  • Oklahoma, which is in the path of the NAFTA superhighway component of the North American Union passed their resolution in the Senate 97-0. (see Basic Search Form link - top left - type in SCR10)
  • 22 U.S. Congressmen, including NC's Virginia Foxx and Walter Jones, along with all three Republican Congressmen running for President, have signed on as co-sponsors of HCR40, which calls on the executive branch to end all work on the North American Union and NAFTA superhighway
  • Even the Sierra Club of Canada is sounding the alarm against the North American Union
We would add that if the North American Union is a myth why is it that Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) documents released under the FOIA show that a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under this program to "integrate" and "harmonize" with administrative law in Mexico and Canada, just as has become commonplace within the EU.

The documents contain references to upwards of 13 working groups within an entire organized infrastructure that has drawn from officials within most areas of administrative government including U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Mr Dine simply dismisses the SPP by quoting a spokesman for the Commerce Department who describes SPP as "standard intergovernmental diplomacy and coordination that occurs all the time". The fact is though that standard intergovernmental coordination is required by law to adhere to Congressional oversight, something which the SPP agreement completely bypassed.

Dine also calls the slated single North American currency, the amero, a myth despite the fact that Robert Pastor, "the American University professor to whom conspiracy theorists point as 'the father of the NAU'" as he puts it, has authored a book and chairs confabs promoting the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

Just a conspiracy theory huh? Not according to Steve Previs of Jefferies International who stated on CNBC, "I think one thing for people who are dollar based need to focus on is the Amero, that's the one thing that nobody is talking about that I think is going to have a big impact... on everybody's life in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico..."

The recent news that the United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership that will see regulatory standards "harmonized" and will lay the basis for a merging of the US and EU into one single market, is also presumably a conspiracy theory.

The most telling aspect of Dine's Seattle Times article is his immediate connection of The NAU to "conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination", a sure fire way of spotting a debunkaholic from a mile off.

A recent poll indicates that 80% of Americans believe the JFK murder was a conspiracy, older polls have been as high as 90% - are all these people misinformed or are they simply aware that the facts do not fit the story they have been sold on that issue?

For further clarification of what constitutes a debunkaholic, witness a classic piece of debunking here on the JFK assassination by a former Clinton official and lobbyist for the nation of Pakistan prior to 9/11, Lanny Davis:

Davis cites little green men and suggests that anything posted on the internet is a conspiracy. He also states that rattling around the internet now is the absurd suggestion that new evidence indicating a conspiracy in the JFK murder has come to light. He fails to mention that the new information comes from a former top FBI scientist along with Texas A&M University researchers and was reported in the Washington Post. Davis also neglects to mention new revelations from E. Howard Hunt, the former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator, who admitted on his deathbed that he was part of a CIA conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

This is the mind set of the debunker. It has become all too easy for those who do not have the strength of character to stand up and be counted to dismiss anything they do not like the sound of as urban myth or conspiracy theory.

While there are many valiant truthseekers and active minds among us, on the opposite side a whole generation of debunkers has also emerged. A society of people who almost instinctively seize upon any issue and automatically explain any worrisome aspects as untrue or misunderstood because to do otherwise would mean having to set aside a great deal of their lives to search hard to find out what is really happening in the world around them.

The debunker generation, the fallout from a fast food culture of rampant consumerism, culturally and spiritually exhausted yet still yearning for more and more in less and less time, would rather look away than face the reality of what is really unfolding before their eyes.

Worse still are the high priests of the debunking generation who seem to declare themselves as some kind of pseudo psychologists, who rather than debate the bare facts of an issue will continually slip into an analysis of the internal mind. These debunkers dismiss anything they don't want to hear as "comfort seeking" or "reality escapism" conspiracy. 9/11 truthers for example are often roundly categorized as "people who want to believe they cannot do anything about the dangers we face in the world because they are too lazy and so invent theories and fit the facts to them".

The great irony here of course is that it is the debunkers themselves who are guilty of the crimes they have charged everyone else with and not the other way round.

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