Conspiracy, Untold History, and the Illusion of Freedom

Telling it straight
By Globalstomp

Apr. 27, 2007

What was perpetrated to get the FED in place in 1913 with Congress is how they got the patriot act in place, diversion, coercion, bribery, blackmail, what ever it takes to get the job done. The methods and times are different but the end results are the same.

The globalist have cursed this republic since it's inception. It was a major stumbling block for their world conquest. (not anymore) So they started the task of overthrowing a government nice and slow and incrementally by supplying us with the illusion of freedom.

This freedom has little to do with our Bill of rights and Constitution which are not an illusion (or just a piece of paper like dictator Bush has publicly stated.) They also knew that if they controlled the money supply, they would control the country like Nathan Rothschild of England said "If I control the money supply of a country , I care not what laws it passes" and so there have been many battles against this privatization of the money supply but they finally got in on a holiday weekend with not even enough senators or reps for a quorum and hence the FED. They love trickery and treachery.

This was the plan the blue print of how to control a government and overthrow it, started by Rothschild's back in the sixteenth century, it worked on all the other countries so far like England, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and it has been working for them ever since. ( google "quiet wars and silent weapons" it's a must read for anyone wanting to see behind the curtain)

They (the globalist) have lieutenants all over the world a lot of them Masons or Skull and Bones or from other satanic worshipping cults like the Rockefellers, Bushes, and Clinton's in this country and they sort of manage things for the globalist and report back at regular intervals sometimes through the globalist organizations like the United Nations, the CFR, Bilderberg's, or Trilateral commission. These are the puppet masters! Ah, but you ask who makes the puppets?

They are the oldest and wealthiest money on the planet by far. They make ARAB sheiks look like peasants. For example; The Rockefellers are worth about 27.5 trillion dollars on their own but the Rothschild's have an estimated worth of 700 trillion dollars give or take a few tril. That's more than the wealthiest nations put together. A trillion dollars is more than a thousand dollars a second since Jesus Christ was born and they have seven hundred of these.

Most of the signers of the Declaration and Constitution and Bill of Rights were Masons or illuminate from the get go. But there's a more innocent side if you will to the Masons that have no idea of what is being done behind the curtain. They are the worker bees just like those in government today who have no idea they are aiding and abetting the enemy and TV shows that claim We the patriots are the enemy like O'Liely are the mouth pieces for this Nazi fourth Reich, it's hidden in plain sight. Speaking of hidden in plain sight from Google Earth you can see the Coronado Naval Stations in San Diego, Ca with the building that is shaped like a swastika with the points directly north, south, east, and west. I think it's a sign of brazen hubris and a sick joke but that shows you the reality of it all.

The Nazi movement never died it just went underground for a while and the US is where it was resurrected after WW2. The CIA and MIC imported nearly 3200 Nazi officers and scientist to come to work for us and help start many of our eugenics programs, drug companies, and the development of the A-Bomb.

All these political movements such as the communist or Nazi's and Maoism are all orchestrated by the same people, the private criminal banking cartel. It's all an illusion for world and population control. Sure you have Hitler and Lenin and Stalin but they all worked for the globalist. Along with our own presidents they were the puppets of the era.

We strayed away from the founding fathers teachings and lessons which are still relevant today and now it's this generations responsibility to help make the change when the globalist have been working so hard at dumbing down the masses and diverting their attention with stupid TV programming and fake fashion sence and materialistic items, and sports and drugs and sex, because this is when their plan is to be implemented. It's the sucker punch once again. They have been waiting many years for this and when all the right people were in place they sprung like a tiger and threw down the patriot act. The military commissions act was just the other foot dropping.

All the talk from Bill O'liely (an Irish Nazi a rare breed I'm sure), demonizing the militias is the talk of Nazi's. This what they say when they don't want you to take up arms against them. The Nazi's are prevalent everywhere. It's in our schools it's in our homes, it's on our TV, it's in our children, it's in you, it's at your work, It's at your grocer, it's in your doctors office, It permeates every capitulary of life.

Everyone should know that the people of juries can interpret the law legally, that's one reason you can represent yourself in court so if the people start turning down these bad laws in court, stop and think about what's right and not what is legal or not we can send a message to the government that we DON"T accept their tyranny and injustice, then we might have a chance as they did when they repealed the liquor prohibition to repeal all these draconian laws in this country.

We have to stand by the original documents that are intended to control government and it's size, it's not the intention to give individuals rights and privileges. It's so the citizenry can control the government from infringing on our liberties using liberties as a tool and not a crutch.

As to the question, why no one knows? They couldn't do it without the media. The media and the schools play a huge part in dumbing down and suppressing the truth by rewritting history if they have to, and they already have many times, an if you were to ask me what the biggest all time conspiracy is, I'd say it's organized Religion because they have the longest standing agenda for controlling the masses. All with the globalist help of course.

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