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Article posted Mar 10 2007, 4:01 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Print

Checkpoint: The Herded Life of Palestinians

Documentary filmmaker Yoav Shamir's depiction of the checkpoints that the Israel Defense Forces man in the Palestinian Authority.

Extended Description

This is a film that simply provides a "fly on the wall" account of various checkpoints on the Palestine-Israel border. Miles from anywhere, people travel frequently, walking long distances, to go to hospitals or to work. The Israeli guards like to 'show them' and routinely harass them by making them stand in the blazing sun, driving rain, or deep snow for many hours (eg up to ten hours) before returning their papers and often sending them home. They are polite, but admit to the cameras that this is how they deal with people - force them to stand in the rain.

It could almost be a laid back Palestinian expose of what is happening at the checkpoints except - and here is the double-whammy - it is made by an Israeli, with Israeli funding - and it has been snapped up and promoted by the Israelis in cinemas but also the Palestinians - what is perhaps even more shocking (according to the director Yoav Shamir at the Edinburgh International Film Festival) it is now being used by the Israeli forces as training material for their guards.

I also like the style of it, no commentary, just "fly on the wall"-filming (minus the single comment made by the cameraman to a soldier) - In my opinion that is real documentary. You get to see what is going on and is allowed to develop your own interpretation. - p2P2p

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David Stanley

Posted: Mar 12 2007, 5:45 PM

81130 It is all too evident what the cause of the problems in this region is and it shames the world.


Posted: Mar 15 2007, 4:45 AM

2136 Thanks for this documentary. It reflects what is going on at the different checkpoints. The only problem is that most of these checkpoints have changed into "Terminals". Now they look different, they are not only Roadblocks but they look like a crossing border where machines and signs are scattered with less contacts with the soldiers. The soldiers are now located in rooms with glass in the front where people don't see the soldiers.
I think another documentary about the new checkpoints is needed!
Ramzi S

Posted: Mar 16 2007, 9:20 AM

82234 whether Checkpoints, Terminals , frontiers, or whatever, what this documentary shows is that the personnel that mans them is more than incompetent in the field of Human Dignity... It's as easy as that! This documentary didn't shock me , i must say that i got used to such images and that's what is scary about all must never get used to such atrocities....

Posted: Mar 16 2007, 5:02 PM

82233 World Zionism constitutes the last racist ideology still surviving and israel the last outpost of "Apartheid" in the World. Israel constitutes by its mere existence a complete defiance to all laws, rules and principles, and the open racism manifested in the Jewish State is a violation of all ethics and morals known to Man.Let us denounce isreali crimes,massacres,ethnic cleansing,masskillings,genocide,assassinations,mur ders,deportation,extermination,and holocaust against palestinians.
Let us expose and unveil this criminal fascist racist nazi zionist ideology which were condemned by the general assembly in 10 th november 1975,resolution number 3379 "as a form of racism,fascism and nazism".


Posted: Mar 17 2007, 1:30 AM

249 My friends from Ramallah sent the link to this to me. I am saddened to see NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! I am yet to gain access to Bethlehem. Also this doesn't explain on of the "checkpoints" is the road to Bir Zeit university. It was so full of people because it was kids & profs trying to go back home from school. I got so angry when I was there that I stood up alone to 5 soldiers and challenged them in their history and knowledge of their own people (which the Israeli born soldiers seemed to be fairly ignorant of) it finally took a Russian born soldier to confirm what I was saying about jewish history. Finally they were willing to listen to me and after 2 hours of arguing with them the leader finally promised to leave the road open for 24 hrs. ( I received confirmation from my friends later...)sadly the road was then closed for a an fyi..this road is simply a road. Like going from one neighborhood to another.

Hooray for the brave Israeli men and women who sit in prison because they refuse to serve in the territories!

Posted: Mar 18 2007, 1:17 AM

71194 It is very difficult to make a choice. What is worst, humiliated Palestinian or dead Israeli? Or is it 'what is better'? I guess, it would depend on who you ask.

Posted: Mar 18 2007, 3:19 AM

2418 What is it within Jewish Culture to produce so many who are Self Loathing?

What makes so many of them become traitors to their own people?

Yoav Shamir should be executed for his treason against the Israeli people. This is sedition.

Posted: Mar 18 2007, 5:01 AM

8617 I am disgusted by the comments of those that say the film maker should be exicuted for sedition. It is not treason to tell the truth. The reason why Jews in Israel and elswhere suffer from what you call 'self loathiing' is because they see the total injustice of action taken by the illegal state of Israel, in their name. Jewish people all ove the planet need to wake up and stop listening to radicals who preach the idea that God gave land to any one.

Posted: Mar 18 2007, 11:43 AM

2418 It is is sedition.when you do anything that helps the enemy and hurts your people. That's what this film maker did.

At the very least the filmmaker should lose Israeli citizenship.

But if it is at all possible Mossad should take the film maker out.

After all Israel is fighting for its life against those who would seek to have a second holocaust.. The people they are dealing with are hardly even human.

They are devil's spawn.

If you disagree, check out this video.

And this one:
David Stanley

Posted: Mar 18 2007, 4:10 PM

81130 As for the poster who suggested Israel is fighting for its life, like America and Britain who have sought to conquer their neighbours. Israel has unleashed such savagery as to ensure they will have enemies for years to come. That is Israel as a nation state, whereas there are plenty of normal Israelis who are thoroughly ashamed of what their nation has done and has become, though they are censured in the main from being heard.

As for 'the devil's spawn', it is comments like these that threaten mankind. As soon as a nation, race, religion or any artificial construct believes it is more important than others, the stage is set for human catastrophe.

The hollocaust is one of many horrific blights on the history of mankind. Until we consider ourselves and all as human beings, these attrocities will continue.

People do have loyalties to their nation, race and religion, or the thoughts that have been planted in their minds, but I would suggest, that which the poster opposes; humanity, truth and justice, are far more more worthwhile.

Posted: Apr 02 2007, 11:23 AM

196218 'Peace and love guys'... We can not change the world ... we only have the power to make it better. Education is the way.... good luck for everybody.

Posted: Jan 05 2010, 12:42 PM

72158 in reality, both sides are being used by the PE/nwo and all arguments feed the argument (dialectic) which is part of the game and there is no way out of the game short of rounding up the real culprits...but who's going to do that? In the mean time, Jews and Palestinians, Sudanese, Mexicans, Americans, Brits, suffer
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