Parents angry over school 'shame' punishment
Nov. 12, 2006

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PARENTS are angry at a decision to punish five primary pupils by humiliating them in front of the entire school.

The Education Department said the incident was "unfortunate" and the teacher had been reprimanded.

The children at Tennant Creek Primary were made to face a wall in a public walkway during lunchtime with their names printed on A4 pieces of paper stuck to their backs.

The Northern Territory News has been told the children had Blue Tac stuck to their noses and were then told to press their noses to a wall.

One parent said: "They were lined up against a wall to be shamed because they'd mucked up in class.

"Surely there's got to be another behaviour management policy than that.

"It was in a public thoroughfare at lunchtime, so everyone in the school could see what is going on.

"A few of the kids were laughing at them. It's absolute rubbish. It's not so much physical abuse, but mental abuse as well.

"If this is a practise that's happening at the school, it definitely has to be stopped. No wonder kids aren't going to school."

The man said at least two other parents had complained to the school about the incident.

General manager of Central Australia schools Paul Newman said the punishment was not in accordance with the school's behaviour management policy.

"The incident was an unfortunate misjudgement and is regretted," he said.

"The school has assured me that it will not happen again."

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