Chinese Official Defects in Taiwan; Seeks Split from CCP

Yang Jia
The Epoch Times
Oct. 28, 2006

On October 23, Mr Jia Jia, the General Secretary of Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts in China, left his tourist group after he arrived in Taiwan. Jia has now applied for political asylum. Jia Kuo, Jia's son, who lives in New Zealand made an international phone call to The Epoch Times saying that the main purpose of his dad's trip to Taiwan is to split from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Under the guise of a sightseeing tour overseas, Jia went to visit Taiwan after going through Thailand. On the night of October 22, he left his tour group at the customs counter at Taoyuan Airport. After disappearing for two days, he reported to the Taiwan Tourist Bureau. Fearful of being punished upon returning to China, Jia appealed to the Taiwanese government for political asylum.

Around 6 p.m. on October 25, an Epoch Times reporter called the Mainland Affairs Council who said they knew of Jia's application for political asylum. They were in the process of coordinating with related departments to handle this matter. The Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts in China could not be reached because it was after working hours. A report in another media indicated that police have confirmed Jia's departure from his tour group, which is in violation of regulations in mainland China about visits to Taiwan. The report stated Jia will be sent back on Thursday.

Before October 24, Jia called his son Jia Kuo three or four times. Jia Kuo revealed that Jia had brought many documents out of China, including some historical documents. Because of his concern for safety, he has thrown away all the documents. Jia Kuo, however, has kept copies of all the documents.

Jia Kuo said his grandfather was a member of Kuomintang (National People's Party). When Jia was young, his family suffered from the CCP's persecution. Many of his relatives also experienced various persecutions in the past.

Jia Kuo said that if the Taiwanese government sent his father back to the Mainland, he would become a political prisoner and be treated very badly. "If he was to be sent back, it's like the hope or chance of democracy on the mainland has vanished. It would be very sad if my father's request or willingness fails to be fulfilled".

When asked if Jia would face danger if he was sent back, Jia Kuo believes his father would definitely be treated as a political prisoner and be persecuted, even his life would be under threat.

Jia's Biography

According to the introduction of the Association of Shanxi Scientific and Technological Experts, Jia was born in July 1951 in Tianjin City. He studied at the Beijing Business College in 1983. He started to work as an independent researcher and adjunct professor in 1986, where he was also offered consulting services and decision making roles for universities, governments and enterprises.

In 1996, Jia organized Shanxi Geaode Expert Services Inc. and became the president. In 1999, he was elected as the General Secretary of the Association of Shanxi Scientific and Technological Experts. Jia was overseeing the Expert Panel for the Shanxi Government as well.

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