VIDEO: IDF Soldiers 'Use Palestinians as Human Shields, Exploration Drones'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 01, 2024

Newly released video reportedly shows Israeli Defense Force soldiers using captive Palestinians as human shields and exploration drones during operations in Gaza.

The footage was obtained by Al Jazeera and translated by Younis Tirawi on Twitter.

From The Cradle, "Israeli army uses Palestinian prisoners as human shields in Gaza: Video":
Prisoners are seen dressed in Israeli army uniforms, equipped with body cams, and are forced to enter buildings or tunnels to ensure they are not rigged with explosives.

In the first video, two Palestinians are forced to enter the wreckage of a home to search for a tunnel entrance. The prisoners are shown reporting back to the soldiers that only dirt and concrete were found.

Another video shows a prisoner being forced to enter a tunnel attached to a wire held by Israeli soldiers above ground.

"Guys, the army are using me as a lure," the prisoner calls out, hoping resistance fighters hear him and know not to open fire.

A third video shows an injured prisoner without his clothes on, being forced to enter a building with a drone accompanying him to make sure the building is not rigged or that there are no fighters within it.

Israeli soldiers have long used Palestinian prisoners as human shields in the occupied West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip.
Israeli soldiers were also filmed last month tying a captive Palestinian man they shot to the front of one of their vehicles for use as a human shield.

In November, IDF soldiers allegedly used a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoner as a human shield during another operation in the occupied West Bank:

In December in Gaza, IDF soldiers reportedly used a Palestinian man as a human shield and an exploration drone:

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