John Podhoretz Labels Tucker Carlson 'Anti-Semite Filth' for Highlighting Israel's Attacks on Christians

Chris Menahan
Apr. 10, 2024

Neocon John Podhoretz on Tuesday labeled Tucker Carlson "Anti Semite filth" for doing an interview highlighting Israel's persecutions of Christians.

Christians are regularly spat on by Orthodox Jews in Israel in accordance with "ancient Jewish customs."

Last year, two influential members of Israel's Knesset introduced a bill to outlaw teaching the Gospel and sentence violators to prison.

It was already illegal for Christians to proselytize Israeli minors but the new bill sought to "ban any and all efforts to tell people about Jesus."

The bill was pulled after mass backlash from Christians in America but the sponsor of the bill merely said he wouldn't move forward with it "at this stage."

Podhoretz labeled Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY) a "piece of anti-Semitic filth" in February for announcing he would vote against a bill to give $14 billion in aid to Israel.

Zionists have declared in the wake of October 7th that you are "anti-Semitic" if you:

- Support a ceasefire
- Support the First Amendment
- Oppose the mass slaughter of children
- Oppose ethnic cleansing and genocide
- Report on Zionist academics committing plagiarism in their dissertations
- Don't believe everyone has seen video of Hamas committing mass rape and beheading babies
- Don't believe Hamas baked a baby in an oven
- Quote congressmen stating explicitly that the reason they're pushing to ban TikTok is to advance the interests of Israel
- Declare that "Christ is King"

The list is growing by the day.

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