VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Starving Palestinians Collecting Aid in Gaza

Chris Menahan
Apr. 04, 2024

Israeli soldiers can be seen shooting starving Palestinians collecting food aid in the northern Gaza Strip in footage released Thursday by Al Jazeera.

The video shows Palestinians collecting aid from an airdrop while IDF soldiers fire on them repeatedly.

One Palestinian man walking away from the scene after filling a bag with aid can be seen getting shot from behind by the IDF while posing no threat to anyone.

The IDF continue to shoot at him after he falls to the ground, fighting desperately to cling to his life.

Eventually, the man accepts his death and is seen being surrounded by a pack of stray dogs.

[Here's the source tweet which Elon Musk's Twitter has blocked users from embedding.]

This video is further confirmation that Israel is literally using food aid as "bait" to find innocent Gazans to kill.

An Israeli journalist told CNN on Wednesday that IDF commanders on the ground in Gaza have ordered their soldiers to "just shoot every man in fighting age."

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