Israeli Lawyer Who Pushed 'Hamas Mass Rapes' Hoax Accused of Scamming Donors

Chris Menahan
Mar. 25, 2024

Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the Israeli operative who was awarded with the Israel Prize last week for pushing the "Hamas mass rapes" hoax, now stands accused of scamming donors of millions of dollars and spreading misinformation.

The scandalous allegations are only being reported in Hebrew in the Israeli paper YNet but the Grayzone spotted it out and translated the story to English.

From The Grayzone, "Israeli propagandist behind Hamas 'mass rape' narrative exposed as grifter, fraud":
[...] Yet three days [after receiving the Israel Prize], Israel's largest newspaper, YNet, published a damning exposé accusing Elkayam-Levy of ripping off major donors, including a member of the Biden administration, spreading fake Hamas atrocity tales, and failing to deliver on her promise of a major report about sexual violence on October 7.

"People have disassociated themselves from her because her research is inaccurate," an Israeli government official told YNet. "After all, the whole story is that they want to accuse us of spreading fake news, and her methodology was neither good nor accurate."

Government officials were particularly incensed that Elkayam-Levy spread discredited claims that a Hamas militant cut a fetus from a pregnant woman before raping the woman -- a lie first spread by confirmed fraudster Yossi Landau of the scandal-stained ZAKA organization. "The story about the pregnant woman who had her stomach cut open – a story that was proven to be untrue, and she spread it in the international press," the official complained to YNet. "It's no joke. Little by little, professionals began to distance themselves from her because she is unreliable."

Elkayam-Levy further alienated the Israeli government by spinning her "Civil Commission" out of a one-woman operation she ran called the Deborah Institute, creating the sense that she was representing Tel Aviv in an official capacity. "In the beginning she was really very active, which was very nice," a source told YNet. "Then it started calling itself a civilian commission. People got confused, members of Congress turned to people who work with Israel and asked what it is -- 'Israel built a commission?' It's a confusing name. And to the question of whether there is such a thing at all? Is there such a body? The answer is – no. It is the body. She is the civil commission."

Through her Deborah Institute, Elkayam-Levy has raised millions of dollars. But if the government sources who spoke to YNet are to be believed, she conned wealthy American Jewish donors like Rahm Emanuel, currently the Biden administration's ambassador to Japan, and channeled the money into her personal bank account.
According to YNet, Elkayam-Levy appealed for $8 million to launch her "Civil Commission," requesting $1.5 million for "management and administration." "Rahm Emanuel, the US ambassador to Japan, donated money to her, she took donations from a lot of people, and started asking for money for lectures," the Israeli official complained.

After more than five months of research, however, the publicity-hungry lawyer has produced nothing of substance to justify her massive fundraising haul. Indeed, the "atrocity report" Elkayam-Levy had promised supporters, which would have provided clear evidence of systematic sexual violence by Hamas on October 7, has yet to arrive.
It looks more like the Israel government is trying to distance themselves from Elkayam-Levy because the lies they pushed together are all falling apart.

As I reported earlier today, the NY Times just admitting a key witness in their atrocity propaganda tale about "Hamas mass rapes" on Oct 7 is a liar.

The lies Israel and the NY Times spread to justify genocide are imploding and no one wants to be left holding the bag.

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