Slavoj Zizek: 'Give Nuclear Arms to Ukraine'

"Leftist" philosopher Condemns Hamas™ and says Oct 7th was "purely, clearly acts of terror" as opposed to "armed resistance"
Chris Menahan

Mar. 19, 2024

Self-described "leftist" philosopher Slavoj Zizek during an interview with Piers Morgan called for Ukraine to be given nuclear weapons and said Russians "are no less than Arabs" in their fundamentalist religious extremism.

"Putin is in no way a leftist, my God, he's a dark conservative religious fanatic," Zizek said on Friday. "That's why I, to provoke people as you know, I think I said give even nuclear arms to Ukraine."

Zizek said he hates Hitler and then ranted about how Russians have had "a full return to religious fundamentalism."

"They portray the war in Ukraine as the war of Christian civilization against demoniac Satanism," Zizek said. "They are no less than Arabs ... they have to be stopped, unconditionally."

"The West has to stop this ambiguous game of trying to support Ukraine but not too much, so that we will not annoy Russia too much, and so that we will not hurt our standard of living too much -- no, we are in an emergency state, we Europe," he added.

The full interview was loaded with other such bizarre ramblings:

Zizek in December said that to end the Israel-Gaza war Jews and Palestinians "should come together in solidarity" as "victims of Western racism" and unite against their colonial white oppressors.

Zizek said in his interview with Morgan than Hamas' attack on Oct 7th were "purely, clearly acts of terror" as opposed to "armed resistance."

On the other hand, he said he has issues with the religious fundamentalists in Netanyahu's cabinet who labeled the Palestinians "Amalek."

Zizek said he agrees with Yuval Harari that both sides are at fault and must accept that they are "condemned to live with one another" but ignored the ethnic cleansing campaign Israel is currently embarked on to remove all Gazans from the strip and send them to the West.

Zizek's politics on the Israel-Gaza war sound as fake as Sen. Chuck Schumer's.

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