Tim Pool Accuses Guest of Having 'Israel Derangement Syndrome'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 18, 2024

Timcast host Tim Pool in a recent podcast accused reporter Liam Cosgrove of having "Israel derangement syndrome" for criticizing Israel's grip on US foreign policy.

Pool accused Cosgrove on Friday of being "obsessed" with Israel and questioned why he doesn't talk about "Australia" trying to get America into a war with China.

A visibly agitated Pool tried to claim he doesn't care about the Israel-Gaza war (the number one story for the past five months on every major media outlet) and questioned why Cosgrove wouldn't talk about "Burma" and "Taiwan."

Pool claimed Israel does not control America but instead America is "pulling the strings" of Israel.

"I would argue Israel is pulling a lot of our strings in terms of foreign policy," Cosgrove said before Pool interrupted.

"I think you're wrong," Pool said. "I think we're pulling the strings of Israel, that's the real-- that's really what's going on because Israel is an intelligence and military asset for us in the Middle East so when we are staging--"

"So how is it an asset if they've gotten us into so many wars in the Middle East?" Cosgrove shot back.

"No, no, those are our wars," Pool said.

"The founding neocons who you know the PNAC group those guys were Americans but they basically did all that for Israel," Cosgrove said.

"I think Australia is roping us into this war with China," Pool responded, changing the subject. "Why are we sending in ships and personnel to Australia?!"

Pool later went on to say we should "focus on what matters -- Ukraine" and complained that Cosgrove was "obsessed" with Israel for continuing to talk about the issue.

The Israel discussion starts at the 55:58 mark:

This idea that Israel is an outpost for America is laughable.

The US was forced to abandon our Iron Dome missile defense system in 2020 because Israel refused to hand over the system's source code -- even though we paid for their entire Iron Dome system with over $142 billion in aid historically and directly funded Iron Dome developer Rafael Advanced Defense with over $1.5 billion in handouts since 2011.

Pool and his cohosts also didn't seem to understand that the aid America is giving to all the countries surrounding Israel like Egypt and Jordan are bribes to normalize relations with Israel. This fact became abundantly clear in 2013 when Sen. Rand Paul called for cutting aid to everyone but Israel and Israel's AIPAC-funded representatives responded by saying cutting aid to their neighbors is cutting aid to Israel.

From Politico, "Paul's attempt to cut Egypt aid killed":
The floor debate was virtually everyone versus Paul. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) said cutting off aid to Egypt would also hurt Israel, a close ally.

"This is a question of whether the senator from Kentucky knows what's better for Israel, or if Israel knows what's better for Israel," McCain said.

On multiple occasions, when asked to yield for questions -- including one from McCain -- Paul said "not now" and continued imploring his colleagues to see his side.

Inhofe, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services committee, said some of Paul's points are "totally wrong" and said if the U.S. cuts aid to Egypt, the money "vacuum" will quickly be filled by other countries like Russia. Such a series of events could then harm Israel, he said.

"This is coming from a conservative, not a liberal, not a Democrat," Inhofe said. "If you have any feelings at all for our best friends in the Middle East -- that's Israel -- then you can't consider this amendment. Israel has all the interests at stake."
The Abraham Accords are another such scam worked out by the Israel lobby which consists of bribing Arab kings to normalize relations with Israel in exchange for billions of US taxpayer dollars and high-tech weaponry.

All these bribes served to further isolate Gaza in the Middle East and directly led to Hamas' decision to carry out the Oct 7th attack in a last ditch effort to avoid being completely conquered.

Of note, Pool also had no idea that the US is bombing the Houthis for Israel and the Saudis were working on a peace deal with Yemen.

How many Ukrainians are getting laws passed in America making it illegal to criticize and boycott Ukrainians/Ukraine?

Did Ukrainians just get Congress to pass a bill aimed at banning our biggest social media site for allowing criticism of Ukraine?

Why doesn't Pool throw a fit over our Congress being "obsessed" with Israel?

Rep. Thomas Massie addressed this idea in Dec 2023 when he noted how Congress has voted a whopping 18 times on bills related to Israel in the six weeks since Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had taken over.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Netanyahu in October when he visited that "I come before you ... as a Jew" and said the Oct 7th attack was the "equivalent of ten 9/11s."

Earlier this month, Gov. Kristi Noem boasted that she signed the "strongest" hate crime bill in America into law to "stop antisemitism" and "ensure the security of God's chosen people."

Does that sound like people who are "obsessed," or is it only the people who disagree with those decisions and think we should put America First who are the "obsessed" ones?

What is the point of having "alternative media" if the alternative media is just as biased as the controlled media and repeats the same BS talking points?

The Young Turks at this point is more "based" than Tim Pool!

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