Report: Gaza Seaport Was Netanyahu's Idea

Chris Menahan
Mar. 12, 2024

The Biden administration's plan to build a seaport off the coast of Gaza to deliver aid was reportedly a ploy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came up with five months ago to replace the UNRA and take pressure off Israel for starving the people of Gaza.

From The Jerusalem Post, "Diplomatic source to 'Post': Gaza maritime route was Netanyahu's idea - exclusive":
The plan for a maritime route to Gaza via Cyprus to provide humanitarian assistance for Palestinians was initiated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in collaboration with US President Joe Biden, a senior diplomatic source told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday night.

"Netanyahu took the initiative to establish maritime humanitarian aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, in collaboration with the Biden administration, the source stated.

[...] This source, close to the Prime Minister, insinuated that Biden was simply implementing a plan by Netanyahu, not actually initiating anything new.
Israel Hayom shared more details of the ploy in Hebrew:
The political official explained that through the opening of the cruise line, Israel hopes to achieve several goals: the first, the replacement of UNRA by another organization that will be responsible for the distribution of food.

The second is the denial of the governmental symbol of Hamas as having the power to feed the residents of the Gaza Strip and the building of consciousness that other parties will take care of the food and ensure its continued flow. "The more Gaza is flooded with more food, the more Hamas will lose its grip," said the political source.

A third reason is the reduction of international pressure on Israel as the one that supposedly withholds food from the residents of Gaza, and even "starves them", as claimed in the world. A fourth reason is the demonstration of the complexity of transferring the supplies to Gaza to the Americans who are responsible for the project. And the last reason is to take the burden off Israel as the one responsible for bringing humanitarian supplies into Gaza.

The political official emphasized that although the introduction of aid to Gaza outrages the public, it is necessary for the continuation of international credit for the operational action in Gaza. He also stated that Israel will assign the project the minimum forces necessary to operate it so as not to harm the war effort.
This story could be what it purports to be but it's also possible this is propaganda meant for domestic consumption in Israel as the public there thinks the Gaza genocide is not going far enough.

The story is disturbing either way.

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