U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell's Self-Immolation Inspires Tributes - And Zionist Scorn

Chris Menahan
Feb. 26, 2024

Aaron Bushnell, the active duty member of US Air Force who chose to self-immolate outside the Israeli embassy in DC on Sunday rather than be "complicit" in the US-backed Gaza genocide, inspired a tremendous response on social media.

First, it must be noted that the US Air Force is heavily involved in Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza:

The Intercept reported in January that the Air Force is helping Israel pick targets to bomb -- which as we've all seen has been mostly women and children.

Every day for four months now Israel has been killing innocent Palestinians with US-made bombs and with the US providing cover for their ethnic cleansing campaign with our military might.

There is effectively zero opposition on the part of "our" representatives despite horrific war crimes being committed with no modern precedent in the name of "wiping out Amalek."

Despite the majority of Americans opposing America aiding Israel's war on Gaza, we have only a handful of representatives who've been willing to speak out on our behalf and they have had no influence whatsoever on the US government's foreign policy.

Watching children being slaughtered by Israel every day with American made bombs is taking a toll not only on the Gazans who are being genocided but also on those of us who are bearing witness to the genocide and feel powerless to stop it.

Bushnell's "extreme act of protest" was made in this context.

Whereas another person self-immolating outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta in Dec 2023 in protest of Israel's genocide was covered-up and their name was never even released, Bushnell's suicide sent shockwaves throughout the internet.

Bushnell mostly received tremendous support:

Zionists, on the other hand, mocked his death and showed him nothing but scorn:

The controlled media tried to cover his dramatic death up and the New York Times portrayed him as a terrorist threat.

The dividing lines on Israel/Palestine are becoming clearer by the day and the controlled opposition on the right are all exposing themselves.

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