State Dept Says Israeli Diplomat's Son Who 'Intentionally Rammed Cop' Cannot Claim Immunity

Chris Menahan
Feb. 01, 2024

Avraham Gil, the 19-year-old son of an Israeli diplomat accused of running from police and "intentionally" ramming a cop with his motorcycle, is not entitled to claim diplomatic immunity over his father's position, the State Department told Local 10 News on Thursday.

"The Department is aware of this incident," a State Department spokesperson said in a statement to Local 10 News. "We can confirm that, as the dependent of an Israeli consular officer, the concerned individual is not entitled to civil or criminal immunity."

Local 10 News reported yesterday that Gil not only allegedly "intentionally" rammed a police officer but also ran from police in another incident earlier this month and has a vanity license plate that says, "PLS CHASE" and "FEDS LOST."

Though the State Dept says Gil is not entitled to diplomatic immunity, he was allowed to claim immunity in court earlier this week and was swiftly released.

Are the feds and Florida officials going to let him flee the country for Israel?

Gil tried to portray himself as a victim in a statement through his attorney:
Attorney David Seltzer released a statement to Local 10 News Thursday afternoon:

"It is critical for a law enforcement officer to identify quickly and accurately the status of any person identifying themselves as part of a diplomatic attachment, which Mr. Gil did several times per procedure. Numerous documents are associated with foreign diplomats which make it difficult without verification to discern a diplomat's status. In the instant matter, Sunny Isle Police Department ("SIPD") failed to follow protocols and procedures in place to identify if Mr. Gil, in fact, had immunity. At the time of the initial bond hearing, it was reported that he had immunity. Per the Department of State guidelines, "...federal registration documents and driver's licenses do not definitively reflect the degree of privileges and immunities of the bearer. They should be relied upon only as an indication that the bearer may enjoy some degree of immunity..." Thus, based on SIPD's failure to follow approved and accepted procedures in place, there was no clarity on his status. As can be seen from the video moments before the incident, Mr. Gil was simply driving and had no intention to hit the police officer, and there is no evidence to the contrary. When all the facts come to light, we are confident Mr. Gil will be exonerated."

David Seltzer, Gil's attorneys
What are the odds he's going to make a run for it once again and skip town?

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