Riot Erupts at Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters After NYPD Move to Seal Secret Tunnel Discovered Under Building

Chris Menahan
Jan. 08, 2024

Chaos broke out at Chabad-Lubavitch's headquarters in Crown Heights on Monday after the NYPD moved to seal a newly discovered tunnel the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic dynasty built in secret under the synagogue.

UPDATE: The Orthodox Jewish X user Frum TikTok deleted their megaviral thread on Tuesday and stated: "I will NOT allow my account to be used by antisemitic Jew haters to promote their pathetic hatred of religious Jews."

Here's an archive (second video):

From, Dec 22, "BREAKING: Tunnel Found Burrowed Under Women’s Section of 770, Possibly Destabilizing The Building":
A Union Street homeowner who spoke with said that they had been hearing suspicious noises at night in their home for a period of time. As the noise continued, the concerned homeowner notified someone of the sounds and their suspicion.

Around the same time, construction work was underway placing new plumbing near 770. As the work neared completion, a trench was dug to lay a waterline and the surprised workers were shocked to find what appeared to be a tunnel underground, according to a source familiar with the incident.

Putting the pieces together, one of the workers in 770 investigated and got the shock of his life when he discovered the tunnel, burrowed from the Mikvah on the corner of Union Street and Kingston Ave. The tunnel allegedly extended from the Mikvah under the Kingston Ave women’s section of 770, where it exited into the building.

While details on the tunnel remain scarce, and with some rumors spreading, it appears that a group of bochurim began digging around six months ago in an attempt to “expand 770”.

Working at night for an extended period of time, the bochurim began digging from the Mikvah building and hollowed out a tunnel that sounds eerily similar to those used by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The tunnel, while “amateurish” managed to extend all the way to 770 where it burrowed under the Kingston Ave women’s section, possibly destabilizing it.

Shocked and horrified at what was found, the 770 Gabboim made the decision to close off the now possibly unsafe women’s section to the public as decisions are made on how to secure the building.
From Monday in, "Chaos In 770 After Attempt Made To Close The Tunnel Under 770":
Chaos is reigning in 770 after the powers that be attempted to seal the tunnel under 770, leading to widespread vandalism inside the building.

The incident began this afternoon as the powers that be arranged for cement trucks to come to 770 and begin filling in the tunnel. Based on Union Street, the trucks began pumping the cement to the tunnel, but were forced to stop as the bochurim began disconnecting the hosing and vandalizing the trucks. The chaos spread from there.

The police were called to the scene to protect the work, so the bochurim took their vandalism inside and began ripping off the walls of downstairs 770, exposing the tunnel and showing the extent of the illegal and dangerous work done.

Update 10:20pm: At present, the scene outside 770 remains active and chaotic with news vans arriving to cover the story. Inside the Shul of 770 has been cleared of all non-emergency personnel and efforts are underway to repair some of the damage done.

As of now, the 770 downstairs shul will remain closed and off limits until an announcement is made otherwise by the Shul.
Nothing to see here, folks!

This is all perfectly normal!

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