VIDEO: Florida Police Use Grappler Device to Stop and Arrest Alleged Armed Carjackers

Chris Menahan
Dec. 28, 2023

Police have a new tool for stopping carjackers dead in their tracks.

Police in Hollywood, Florida were filmed capturing two suspected armed carjackers through the use of a new "grapple" device that "deploys a nylon net around the rear tires" of vehicles and allows police to bring them to a controlled stop.

From The Blaze:
A man told police that two thieves wearing ski masks allegedly pointed a gun at him as he was going home from the grocery store in the city of Hollywood on Tuesday. They threatened to shoot him in the hip and drove off in his yellow Chevy Camaro.

Hollywood police said officers were able to catch up to the alleged robbers but that they refused to stop and even crashed into one of their police cars while trying to get away.

[...] Police department spokesperson Deanna Bettineschi said the two suspects, Terrell Kirkland and Santiago Iglesias, are 17 years old. They were charged with armed carjacking, fleeing and leaving the scene of a crash.

Maybe police could start lassoing shoplifters next?!

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