Report: Israeli General Killed Israelis On October 7, Then Lied About It

Chris Menahan
Dec. 26, 2023

Israeli Brigadier General Barak Hiram ordered an Israeli tank to fire on a house full of Israeli hostages taken captive by Hamas in Kibbutz Be'eri on Oct 7, then made up atrocity propaganda to justify and cover-up his cowardly decision.

From The Electronic Intifada, "Israeli general killed Israelis on 7 October then lied about it":
Video and witness accounts recently published by Israeli media reveal new details about how Israeli forces killed their own civilians in Kibbutz Be'eri on 7 October.

Last week, Israel's Channel 12 released previously unseen footage of an Israeli tank firing at a civilian home in the settlement, just a few miles east of Gaza.

The new evidence shows that the Israeli commander on the scene, Brigadier General Barak Hiram, lied to a top Israeli journalist about what happened in the kibbutz that day, after Palestinian resistance fighters launched a large-scale assault on Israeli military bases and settlements across the boundary from Gaza.

This amounts to an attempted cover-up by a senior military officer, with media complicity.

[...] Hiram portrays himself as heroically stepping into a chaotic situation, assuming command, bravely battling terrorists and rescuing civilian hostages.

He also tells atrocity tales exposed as lies by the accounts of the two survivors, Yasmin Porat and Hadas Dagan.

"Saturday morning, when we understood there was an invasion happening in the area around Gaza, many soldiers and former soldiers from around Israel came together to defeat the terrorists and save Israeli families in their homes," Hiram told Israel's i24News on 11 October.

Two weeks later, he expanded on his version in his 26 October interview with Channel 12's Ilana Dayan.

"At a certain point Nissim Hazan also arrived, who was a brigade commander in my division," Hiram explains.

Like Hiram, Hazan also resides in a settlement in the occupied West Bank

"He arrived as a tank commander on a single tank that he managed to put into use after it was damaged, and he was our first tank inside the settlement," Hiram says.

"And I gave him authorization to shoot mortars into structures to simply stop the terrorists," Hiram adds.

Speaking about the hostage situation, Hiram says that while an Israeli commando unit known as YAMAM was "purifying" one of the neighborhoods, "one of the citizens manages to flee from the buildings."

This appears to be a reference to Porat's negotiated exit from the Cohen house with Palestinian fighter Hasan Hamduna.

"And it creates a kind of dynamic or feeling that the terrorists are barricaded there inside the block [of houses] might be ready to talk or something like that," Hiram recalls.

A special negotiations team arrived on the scene and tried to communicate with the fighters inside, according to Hiram.

Hiram's distortions and lies

Up to this point, Hiram's account is more or less congruent with Porat's but then, with Ilana Dayan's complicity, it spirals into distortion and outright fiction.

"Do they answer?" Dayan asks regarding the efforts at negotiation. "They answer us with an RPG rocket," Hiram says.

"At this stage I authorize the YAMAM force commander there to burst inside and to try to save the citizens trapped in those buildings," Hiram claims.

"So the YAMAM force wages a truly heroic battle there, and charges inside," Dayan embellishes. "Does any hope remain that there are still hostages that can be saved?"

"I think in that block there were about 20 citizens and I think the YAMAM force managed to save about four of them," Hiram asserts.

"All the rest were murdered," Dayan says.

"All the rest were murdered in cold blood," Hiram replies. "And there we found eight children tied together and shot, a couple, husband and wife, tied together and shot."

Deadly lies heard in Washington

Hiram's story is likely the source of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's assertions, made directly to US President Joe Biden in the immediate aftermath, that "They took dozens of children, bound them up, burned them and executed them."

Israeli newspaper Haaretz debunked the claim, reporting early this month that "There is no evidence that children from several families were murdered together."
Read the full report.

These atrocity propaganda tales were the justification for the entire war and yet we now know a large amount of the civilians killed on Oct 7 were killed by Israeli forces themselves unloading on them with tanks and hellfire missiles shot by Apache helicopters.

The truth of what happened on Oct 7 destroys the entire justification for Israel's war and that's why the controlled media is doing everything in their power to cover it up.

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