Instagram Bans Shaun King Over Pro-Palestine Posts

Chris Menahan
Dec. 26, 2023

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King was promoted on social media when he was bashing white people and working to incite anti-white riots but he was reportedly banned from Instagram on Monday for daring to criticize Israel.

Facebook said they banned him due to "praise for designated entities."

As King noted in the video above, the Houthis were removed from the US government's "designated terrorists" list in 2021.

Former Facebook COO Sharyl Sandberg, who currently serves on Meta's board of directors, worked with the pro-Israel influence network "ATTN:" last month to push the Israeli government's fake "Hamas mass rape" hoax:

The "mass rape" atrocity propaganda is being used by the Israeli government to provide justification for their brutal ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.

As I reported earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the entire world of anti-Semitism for not believing their evidence-free claims.

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