Fox News Shills John Fetterman Over His Support for Israel: 'Gives Me Hope for This Country'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 22, 2023

Fox News hosts are now actively shilling Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) to their audience due to his diehard support for Israel's brutal war on Gaza.

From Mediaite, "Fox & Friends Hosts Hail John Fetterman: 'Gives Me Hope For This Country' ":
In an interview with the New York Times this week, Fetterman condemned "purity tests" he said progressives impose on Democrats, pointing specifically to his support for Israel and push to secure the southern border.

"It's just a place where I'm not. I don't feel like I've left the label; it's just more that it's left me," Fetterman told the Times. "I'm not critical if someone is a progressive. I believe different things."

"Two people have given me hope for this country," Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade said Friday morning, citing Bill Maher -- pointing to his strong support for Israel and cracking down on immigration and crime in the United States -- and Fetterman, for similar reasons.

"It's weird to see this transition because I find myself every single week retweeting something that Fetterman has said," Lawrence Jones said. "He has been very supportive of Israel."
The way Sen. Fetterman lied to his voters to get elected and then sold them out to a foreign power is so heckin' based!

"Conservative" in Fox News world simply means support for Israel.

The new heroes of the controlled opposition right are Jonathan Greenblatt, Bill Ackman, John Fetterman and Bill Maher.

They're even now shilling Abe Foxman as heckin' based for opposing DEI!

It's Habbening!@!@!!

Israel's war on Gaza has led to the biggest "mask off" moment in history.

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