Slavoj Zizek: To End Israel-Gaza War, Jews And Palestinians Should Unite Against Whitey

Chris Menahan
Dec. 13, 2023

Jews and Palestinians "should come together in solidarity" as "victims of Western racism" and unite against their colonial white oppressors, so says libtard philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

Zizek wrote Tuesday in Haaretz, "Jews and Palestinians Are Both Victims of Western racism":
Today, "Palestine" is a strong symbol. It's a concrete universality that combines opposite meanings: a symbol of all of Europe's colonial sins (the Jews settled in Palestine), and also the place from which antisemitism emerges.

The disaster is that Israel, which was established out of Europe's colossal sense of guilt following the Holocaust in a desperate attempt to give the Jews a safe haven, is now becoming a symbol of European oppression and colonialism. The original sin is that of the Western European countries, which tried to atone for the Holocaust by giving the Jews a piece of land, most of which had been inhabited by others for hundreds of years.

There's no wonder why the predictions concerning the consequences of the war in Gaza oscillate between two extremes. The majority perceive this clash as the beginning of a global disaster. Hopes for peace are now a thing of the past; the only winner in this war will be war itself.
Translation: I'm going to sit on the sidelines during this historic conflict and work out a way to blame whitey for everything bad that's happening (and has happened) on all sides.

Who knew that Israel's explicitly religious "war of extermination" to "wipe out Amalek" was actually white Europeans' war to advance "colonialism" and "racism?!"

We're truly blessed to have such deep philosophers as Zizek working to make sense of our complex world!

[Header image by Mariana Costa via Flickr commons, CC BY 2.0 DEED]

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