Elon Musk Poised to Unban Alex Jones From Twitter

Chris Menahan
Dec. 09, 2023

Elon Musk on Saturday posted a poll on whether to unban Alex Jones and declared that "if the people vote [Jones] back on, this will be bad for X financially, but principles matter more than money."

The masses voted nearly 70% to reinstate Jones to the platform with over 836,000 votes.

As I reported last week, the Jerusalem Post, Ben Shapiro and tons of other Zionist "influencers" shared an insane conspiracy theory claiming a Palestinian holding a dead child in the wake of an Israeli airstrike was actually a crisis actor holding a "doll."

No one was punished for pushing that crisis actor conspiracy theory in any way.

Of course, Jones was not actually banned for Sandy Hook but for supposedly violating Twitter's "abusive behavior policy" by confronting CNN's Oliver Darcy in a public setting on a hearing on censorship.

Musk reiterated his belief that no one should be permanently banned for lawful speech (though he has yet to put this into practice):

Hopefully this extends out with Musk going through with the "general amnesty" he promised in 2022.

The problem Musk is going to run into is that the Google/Apple app stores are likely going to threaten to ban X altogether as they did with Gab.

That said, Musk with his massive platform can organize against them in a way that Gab could not.

Just this week he declared war on Disney's Bob Iger after Iger pulled Disney ads from X.

Musk told advertisers like Iger at Disney trying to "blackmail" him with ad boycotts to "Go f**k yourself" and said he has no problem with being hated.

Musk is clearly going to need to shift X to a subscription-based site if he's going to allow free speech and he's already moved to do so with Premium+.

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