BBC on Al-Shifa Raid: Israel Tampered With Evidence, Edited 'Unedited' Video And Failed to Prove Claims

Chris Menahan
Nov. 17, 2023

The BBC, one of only two news organizations allowed into Al-Shifa Hospital by Israel, is reporting that the IDF tampered with evidence, edited the "unedited" video of the raid they released on social media and have failed so far to prove that the site is being used as a "Hamas Command Center" as they claimed.

I reported on much of this yesterday and still nothing has changed.

They dug up a tunnel outside the building but it appears it was just a water reservoir or septic tank.

David Friedman, the former US ambassador to Israel under Donald Trump, claimed earlier this week that it has been "proven with certainty" that Hamas's HQ was under the hospital and accused an Al Jazeera interviewer of "Holocaust denial" for demanding evidence.

As I highlighted yesterday, patients inside the hospital have been put through hell and multiple have died due to the disruptions caused by the IDF's raid/siege.

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