Pro-Israel Rep. Ritchie Torres: 'Losing 600 Israelis is the Equivalent of Losing About 20,000 Americans'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 09, 2023

One Israeli is worth around 33 Americans, according to AIPAC-funded Democratic New York congressman Ritchie Torres.

"Hamasís surprise terrorist attack by air, land, and sea is Israel's 9/11. Losing 600 Israelis is the equivalent of losing about 20,000 Americans," Rep. Torres said Sunday on Twitter/X. "Losing 600 Israelis is the equivalent of losing about 20,000 Americans."

Torres' comments really sum up the value assessment going through most of our congressmen's minds. Keep this is mind when they decide to send us to war.

Where is Torres (or his handler who writes his tweets) getting these ideas?

From Haaretz in 2018: "'One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews': Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer":
The most disturbing moment of the [Birthright Israel] trip came at the top of Masada. Our trip leader began to describe fond memories of an Italian-American neighbor from Staten Island. "But if I had to choose," he said, suddenly earnest, "between her life and the life of a Jew I have never met, I would choose the Jew. If I had to choose between the lives of my 10 best non-Jewish friends and one Jew I've never met, I would choose the Jew."

At this, even the more conservative participants seemed uncomfortable. But the guide upped the ante further. "If I had to choose between 10,000 non-Jews and one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life."

Our trip leader's eyes narrowed and he leaned closer to us, like an overzealous football coach delivering a pep talk. "Do you remember the tsunami in Asia a few years ago? It killed 100,000. If I had to choose between all those people or one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life."
Torres later clarified that he was simply "emphasizing the number of fatalities as a percentage of the overall population so that people have a sense of the sheer scale of the terrorist attack."

Under that same logic, one family dying in a house fire is the equivalent of the entire world going up in flames.

No doubt as Israel unleashes hellfire on civilians in Gaza with US weapons in the coming hours and days Torres will be cataloguing every Palestinian child killed and making similar such equivalencies!

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