Elon Musk Reveals 'Extremely Powerful' ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Sought to Shake Him Down For Donations

Chris Menahan
Sep. 06, 2023

Twitter/X owner Elon Musk revealed on Wednesday that Jonathan Greenblatt, the "extremely powerful" CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, sought to shake him down for donations just like he did to Adidas, the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving.

"Andrew Ross Sorkin asks Jonathan Greenblatt if he was seeking to have a role at X or shaking @elonmusk down for donations to the ADL (like he did to Adidas and the Brooklyn Nets) and he responds by saying that's an 'anti-Semitic trope,' " Greg Price tweeted along with a clip of Greenblatt's latest appearance on CNBC.

"Because the answer is 'Yes!' regarding seeking donations, hence JG's refusal to answer the question," Musk responded. "JG instead went on the attack, implying that Sorkin, despite being Jewish, is somehow an anti-Semite just for asking a basic conflict-of-interest question!"

"I love how ADL overlord Jonathan Greenblatt says the ADL is just a little 'nonprofit in New York' with no power as if they didn’t lead a pressure campaign that squeezed $60 billion from Meta’s market cap for not complying with their demands," Ashley St. Clair commented in response to Greenblatt's CNBC appearance. "ADL has been operating mafia-style for ideological compliance for decades!"

"Exactly!" Musk said. "The ADL is extremely powerful in the west, as demonstrated by our massive drop in US advertising, while Asia advertising has actually grown slightly."

Musk shared a longer breakdown of the interview, which he called "Accurate analysis," exposing Greenblatt's many lies.

Mario Nawfal wrote:

ADL's CEO broke his silence on 𝕏 and Elon by lying and trapping the host:

1) He claimed that Elon brought and amplified anti-semitism and hate speech back to the platform.

This is NOT TRUE. The 𝕏 Safety team shared that an independent assessment by Sprinklr found that hate speech impressions on 𝕏 “to be 0.003% compared to Twitter’s estimate of 0.012%.”

2) Greenblatt clarified that he has never claimed Elon or 𝕏 are anti-Semitic: “I don’t think Twitter as a platform is anti-Semitic.”

3) When Greenblatt was asked by the host (who also identified as Jewish) if he was seeking a position or donation from 𝕏 to the ADL, he took offense to this, called it an anti-semetic trope, almost as if he was trying to cancel him, leaving the host uncomfortable and defensive.

4) Greenblatt claimed ADL is NOT publicly or privately talking to advertisers, BUT shortly after, said, “It is true we did call for a pause back in November, after the acquisition and since then” and in a previous interview he stated “if it remains a hellscape the advertisers won't take part in [Twitter]”

5) Greenblatt said the ADL is a SMALL non-profit in NY.

NOT TRUE. The ADL is an influential organization with over 100 years of history, and according to the ADL's 2021 tax filings, the organization's total revenue was $101 million with a balance sheet of $238 million.

They ALSO received millions of dollars of indirect government funding via grants to groups in which the ADL has special interests.

6) Greenblatt says the ADL works WITH other social media platforms, including Facebook. We saw in the Politico article that @elonmusk posted that the ADL indirectly CONTROLS what can be posted on Facebook.

7) Greenblatt claimed he doesn't know what prompted Elon's tweets, but Elon was clear it was prompted by the 60% drop in advertising from the ADL’s interference, which Greenblatt admitted in the video.

Doesn’t seem like the meeting with X CEO Linda Yaccarino went as well as Greenblatt is making it out to be.
Musk also said it was "bizarre" how Marc Lamont Hill, who was "canceled" by the ADL and lost his job at CNN for criticizing Israel, is now defending them and painting Musk's criticism of the foreign lobby group as "dangerous, dishonest," "deeply antisemitic" and inviting of "violence from his Nazi base."

"Jonathan at ADL kicked off a massive Twitter boycott campaign less than a week after the acquisition closed," Musk said in another post. "Literally nothing had changed about the site. Our US revenue is still 60% down from that campaign, but slowly improving."

Musk also questioned why the ADL is training FBI agents.

"Why does the FBI need training that holocausts are terrible?" Musk asked.

The ADL also trains local law enforcement throughout America, teaching them the same tripe they teach schoolchildren about the many evils of "whiteness."

Rather than cower in the face of the ADL's threats, Musk engaged with Keith Woods and questioned why so many Jews have turned against free speech.

After Woods exposed alleged Israeli intelligence agent Vivian Bercovici trying to influence the #BanTheADL campaign on a popular Twitter Space, her Wikipedia was edited to try and hide her connections to the Israeli intel firm Black Cube.

Musk has shared several posts claiming the ADL strayed from it's original noble mission but the truth is they've always been terrible.

The ADL was founded in defense of Jewish factory manager Leo Frank, who was found guilty in multiple trials in Georgia for raping and murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan -- a little girl whom he had performing child labor at his factory.

Frank's defense team tried to frame a black man for her murder but multiple juries -- which included Jews -- didn't buy it.

Nonetheless, powerful Jewish groups managed to get Governor John Slaton to commute Frank's death sentence on his last day in office (sound familiar?). The decision to allow a child rapist and murder who was guilty as sin to escape justice triggered so much backlash that a vigilante group rose up and gave Frank the death penalty themselves. The ADL then created a false story that the vigilantes were all driven by "anti-Semitism" -- a lie they've continued to push to this very day.

The ADL was never a noble organization and were just as crooked and corrupt in the past as they are now.

UPDATE: The ADL is now fundraising off this scandal and telling donors they're under threat due to Musk's criticisms!

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