'Unmarked Indigenous Mass Grave' Detected Under 'Abusive Catholic Residential School' Excavated in Canada - Turns Out to Be Just Rocks

Chris Menahan
Aug. 20, 2023

What was hyped as an "unmarked indigenous mass grave" detected using ground-penetrating radar under an "abusive" Catholic residential school in Manitoba turned out to be nothing but rocks after an extensive four-week excavation.

Indigenous groups in Canada used tales of "mass graves" and Catholic "abuse" of indigenous youths at residential schools to collect billions in reparations from Canadian taxpayers and have been reluctant to dig up any of the suspected "mass grave" sites detected with radar -- lest researchers' belief that the "graves" are actually just rocks and tree roots be confirmed.

They claimed digging up the suspected "mass grave" sites would trigger "intergenerational trauma" and disturb the dead.

Nonetheless, indigenous groups last month agreed to allow the excavation of a suspected mass grave site under the former Pine Creek Residential School in Manitoba.

"Spiritual advisers led a pipe ceremony when the search began and a sacred fire was lit nearby to ensure elders, survivors and intergenerational survivors felt supported," Canadian state broadcaster CBC reported.

"The First Nation, northwest of Winnipeg, hired an archeological team from the University of Brandon to do the excavation earlier this summer," CBC continued. "It is the same team that assists police on archeological digs and excavations in the province."

"No evidence of human remains" was found during the investigation, CBC reported.

"Fourteen anomalies were detected using ground-penetrating radar in the basement of the church on the site of the former Pine Creek Residential School last year," CBC said. "Survivors had spoken about 'horror stories' in the basement."

Chief Derek Nepinak of Minegoziibe Anishinabe said the revelation should take "nothing away from the difficult truths experienced by our families who attended the residential school in Pine Creek."

From CBC:
"As a community we were preparing for more than one possible outcome, which meant we would prepare for the worst but hope for the best," Nepinak said.

[...] Nepinak said he is aware the results will feed into a denialist narrative of what happened at residential schools and urged people to continue supporting the search for truth.

"The results of our excavation under the church should not be deemed as conclusive of other ongoing searches and efforts to identify reflections from other community processes including other (ground-penetrating radar) initiatives," Nepinak said.
"The 200 'unmarked graves' in Kamloops, [British Columbia] were identified by the same technology that identified the 14 in Manitoba, which we now know turned out to be nothing more than a pile of rocks underground," The Counter Signal reports:
Even to this day, the CBC has been hellbent on perpetuating a 'mass graves' interpretation of said anomalies that have been detected at various former residential school sites.

The media's absolute worst interpretation of the anomalies inspired protests and terrorist arson across the country.

Since the mass graves announcement, at least 83 churches have been burned to the ground or vandalized.
"[T]o this day, no human remains have been found at any former residential school in Canada," The Counter Signal reports.

"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau more than once made a point to bring attention to the [indigenous mass graves] hoax, and was infamously seen kneeling beside the so-called graves with a teddy bear in his hand," The Post Millennial reports.

"Prior to the excavation, Nepinak suggested dark intentions of the supposed culprits of the now debunked grave site at the church," TPM noted.
"We understand that over time burial sites may be lost to the natural elements," [Nepinak] explained in an earlier press release. "But to bury remains under a building suggests a dark and sinister intent that cannot be unaddressed as we expose the truth of what happened in our homeland."
When are Canadian Catholics going to get reparations for all the churches left-wing/indigenous rights extremists burned down based on nonsense?

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