George Soros Handing Control of His $24 Billion Empire to His Idiot 37-Year-Old Son

Chris Menahan
Jun. 11, 2023

Globalist billionaire George Soros is handing over control of his $24 billion empire to his idiot 37-year-old son Alex, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

Whereas George Soros employed all sorts of conniving schemes to amass his wealth, his coomer-brained son Alex inherited it all and first tried to make a name for himself a few years ago by paying models to hang out with him and having Page Six write propaganda pieces touting him as a "playboy."

Whereas George Soros spent his whole life constructing elaborate stories about how his activism was motivated by high-minded ideals from Karl Popper about "open societies" and "inclusive democracies," Alex went and blurted out to New York Times Magazine in 2018 that his father's real motivation is just ethnic activism:
Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because "this was something he was almost killed for." But he had always "identified firstly as a Jew," and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father's motives, he said, "The reason you fight for an open society is because that's the only society that you can live in, as a Jew -- unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state."
George Soros has another son from a different mother named Jonathan Soros (whom he had with Annaliese Witschak, a Christian woman from Germany) who is reportedly quite competent but they had a falling out in 2011, according to the WSJ.

From Wall Street Journal, "George Soros Hands Control to His 37-Year-Old Son: 'I'm More Political'":
George Soros, the legendary investor, philanthropist and right-wing target, is handing control of his $25 billion empire to a younger son--Alexander Soros, a self-described center-left thinker who grew up self-conscious of the family's wealth and wasn't thought to be a potential successor.

The 37-year-old, who goes by Alex, said in the first interview since his selection that he was broadening his father's liberal aims--"We think alike," the elder Soros said--while embracing some different causes. Those include voting and abortion rights, as well as gender equity. He plans to continue using the family's deep pockets to back left-leaning U.S. politicians.

"I'm more political," Alex said, compared with his father. He recently met with Biden administration officials, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and heads of state, including Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to advocate for issues related to the family foundation.

[...] Some doubted that George, 92, would ever cede his top spot while still alive. In addition, he said in an interview, "I didn't want the foundation to be taken over by one of my children, as a matter of principle. I thought it should be managed by someone who is best suited."
I wonder if Alex scammed his father in his old age?
For years, people close to George believed that Alex's elder half-brother, Jonathan Soros, 52, a lawyer with a finance background, was the clear successor. Tall and athletic, Jonathan played tennis with his father, worked for a time at the foundation and stabilized the Soros hedge fund during turbulent times. Then came a falling out and a change of heart.

Alex, who wears large-frame glasses and a neatly trimmed beard, eventually gained his father's trust, standing in for him on trips to the organization's offices around the world. "He's earned it," George said.

In December, the OSF board elected Alex as its chairman, replacing his father. Alex also now directs political activity as president of Soros's super PAC. The younger Soros is the only family member on the investment committee overseeing Soros Fund Management, the firm that oversees money for the foundation and the family. Most of its $25 billion will be directed to OSF in the years ahead, according to a Soros spokesman. About $125 million has been set aside for the super PAC.

[...] Alex grew closer with his father after his mother filed for divorce in 2004. He was an 18-year old freshman at New York University at the time. "In a way, he took fathering more seriously after the divorce," said Alex, who earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Berkeley.

He cared little about finance and couldn't persuade his father to watch football. Instead, they spent hours discussing ideas and global politics. His thesis topic, "Jewish Dionysus: Heine, Nietzsche and the Politics of Literature," thrilled his father. For Alex, "it's football, philosophy and politics, in that order," said Svante Myrick, one of his friends.

[...] Alex doesn't command a room like his father, appearing uncomfortable in large public settings, colleagues said. And he is hindered by a relative lack of experience on the world stage. But his appointment could help the organization in one important way, according to people who work with him.

"Alex is unlikely to be the boogeyman that George Soros was for the right," Romero said.
This is great news. George Soros was a diabolical genius who operated in the shadows and brought Western governments to heel for power and profit whereas his son is just a privileged, entitled dweeb flexing his wealth and power for all to see in large part just to boost his own personal clout.

Though $24 billion is a hell of a lot of money to burn through, there's a chance Alex's incompetence and mismanagement could herald the end of the Soros empire.

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