Trump Returns to Form in CNN Townhall

Chris Menahan
May. 11, 2023

Former President Donald Trump delivered his best performance in years on Wednesday night during CNN's townhall.

Unlike the boring speeches he has been giving off the same old script, Trump spoke off the cuff, broke taboos, cracked jokes and put forward solid policy proposals.

Trump said he would negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine and pardon "many" J6ers, mocked E. Jean Carroll's hoax rape lawsuit, stood by his "grab 'em by the pussy" comments and sparred with CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins in a hilarious fashion.

The audience was surprisingly balanced and boisterous, cheering and laughing in support of Trump throughout the event.

There is not a single other elected Republican who would say any of this.

Boldly and fearlessly stating the truth and breaking taboos is what made Trump special and he's finally returning to form.

Trump made similarly hilarious comments during a recent deposition.

Whereas the GOP is eager to surrender on abortion due to poor polling, Trump turned around the issue by going on the attack and highlighting Democrats support for post-birth infanticide.

Full video:

The Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson threw a fit over CNN putting this townhall on which perfectly captured the average libtard media hacks' response.

"We are in a break now from the presidential townhall with CNN and Kaitlan Collins and whatever the f**k they thought they were going to get, they instead have set a massive match to democracy once again," Wilson whined. "You're letting an insane person stand there and make people giggle and laugh when he jokes about rape. You make people giggle and laugh when he jokes about abortion. When he calls an African American police officer a thug. This insanity should be pulled off the f**king air!"

"[CNN CEO] Chris Licht you should be ashamed of yourself, this is astoundingly bad for the brand of CNN," he continued. "It is astoundingly bad for the country, and it is astoundingly bad honestly folks for every other Republican candidate in the primaries. Wrap that shit up, it's done. You saw this tonight, you know you can't beat him on the stage. Everybody else oars up, time to go to work, because he is going to be the nominee, this shit is un-f**king believable, I've never seen anything like it, it is a disaster."

CNN, which lost all their viewers after they spent all their credibility pushing 24/7 propaganda to keep Trump from becoming president, is desperate to get their ratings back up (so they can push more propaganda in the future -- this is the same dynamic I described with Fox News).

Licht reportedly blew off criticism of the townhall in a message to CNN staffers on Thursday, writing: "I absolutely unequivocally believe America was served very well by what we did last night."

When news networks are desperate for ratings is when you get the best television. Once they get their viewers back they'll become trash once again but at least we will get some solid entertainment along the way!

I suspect a similar dynamic will be at play with Trump if he wins the election, i.e. he will surround himself with traitors once again and disappoint us on most issues. Nonetheless, he's clearly better than Ron DeSantis and there are no alternatives on the horizon. We are living in a dying empire and our expectations can't be too high -- just enjoy the ride!

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