'Texas Man' Wanted For Killing Five Neighbors is Three-Time Deported Mexican National Francisco Oropesa

Chris Menahan
May. 01, 2023

The "Texas man" who allegedly shot five of his neighbors to death in Cleveland, Texas after they asked him to stop firing his gun on Friday night has been identified as thrice-deported Mexican national Francisco Oropesa.

"Immigration officers deported the Mexican man wanted in connection to Friday night's alleged murder of five Honduran nationals on three occasions, according to the Texas sheriff leading the investigation," Breitbart reports. "The most recent removal came in 2016."

"San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers told Breitbart Texas on Sunday that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers deported 38-year-old Francisco Oropeza, a Mexican national now wanted for five alleged murders, in three separate incidents. Sheriff Capers and other sources advised that the last time ICE officers removed Oropeza was in 2016."

Oropesa is still on the loose.

The controlled media are all going out of their way to avoid using Oropeza's photos, choosing instead to share pictures of empty homes and white cops in the area standing around.

You'd might think it would be helpful for the general public to have a photo of a wanted accused mass murder so they could exercise caution if they saw him and alert police but that wouldn't serve to advance the media's anti-white narratives.

Instead, the media has chosen to hide Oropesa's (many) mugshots from their readers and refer to him as a "Texas man" to give the impression there's a gun-toting, NRA-loving, white MAGA-extremist Texan on the loose and the only solution is gun control and new legislation to fight "extremism."

UPDATE: Make that 4x deported.

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