Over 1,500 Illegals Filmed Crossing U.S. Southern Border in 'Largest Single Group Ever' - Record 6.4 MILLION May Enter Per Year

Chris Menahan
Dec. 13, 2022

A record breaking migrant caravan of thousands of illegal aliens brought through Mexico to Texas by globalist NGOs were filmed crossing our southern border on Sunday night.

From El Paso Matters, "More than 1,500 migrants wade across Rio Grande into El Paso Sunday night":
In one of the largest mass crossings ever in the region, more than 1,500 migrants waded across the Rio Grande from Juárez into El Paso Sunday night.

“Welcome to the United States!” a young man in the middle of the Rio Grande shouted to the hundreds of migrants arriving at the border from shelters in Juárez on Sunday night. “You made it!”

The migrants who crossed Sunday night were in a group of hundreds of migrants who were escorted by Chihuahua State Police from the city of Jiménez to Juárez earlier in the day in a caravan of 20 buses. The buses split up in Juárez and brought migrants to the Leona Vicario and Kiki Romero shelters.

The migrants said they were from Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador.
The migrants are overwhelming the local homeless shelters.

The Biden regime invited this invasion and is working with globalist NGOs to facilitate it.

"Total known illegal border crossings stand at a record-breaking 4.4 million in 2022 with another 1.5 million estimated 'got-aways' believed to have slipped into the country undetected," Todd Bensman reported in The Daily Mail on Tuesday.

"Interior deportations are at the lowest number ever and the percentage of global nationalities crossing is at the highest percentage ever," Bensman reported. "[U]nimaginably, in about a week's time, it's going to get catastrophically worse [with the end of Title 42]."

"Once this last Title 42 remnant is gone, nothing will stand between a vast and desperate global population and the irresistible pull of the U.S. asylum system," he noted. "Now look for a minimum of 12,000 people a day crossing to get at 'our legal system' after the demise of Title 42, according to U.S. intelligence community estimates leaked last spring."

"Today's historic, crushing, border-collapsing 200,000 a month would spike to 340,000 a month, or potentially 4.3 million a year if that level is sustained," Bensman continued. "The number of crossings could reach as high as 18,000 a day, 540,000 a month, 6.4 million a year, those intelligence estimates say."

According to Biden, replacement migration is both a "conspiracy theory" and a "source of our strength" that "we can be most proud of."

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