2022 Midterms Post-Mortem

Chris Menahan
Nov. 09, 2022

The 2022 midterms were an unmitigated disaster for the GOP.

With record inflation, immigration, crime and an historically unpopular dementia patient in the White House, they're struggling to take back the House and may lose seats in the Senate.

Though Republicans made marginal gains with black and Hispanic voters, it wasn't anywhere near enough for it to actually matter.

The way social media controllers are warping young people's minds and leading to far-left radicalization cannot be overstated.

Democrats profit off creating as many mentally ill cat ladies, wine aunts and gender-confused people as possible.

Abortion was a major issue and anti-abortion measures lost in Kentucky and Montana.

The trans-juggernaut is also still charging ahead.

Meanwhile, the same old NeverTrump brigade is blaming the election losses on Trump rather than their own failed leadership.

Despite campaigning on fighting critical race theory, the GOP establishment made advancing "diversity" and boxing out the "far-right" their top priority.

The issue of voter fraud was never addressed after the 2020 election and what level of fraud did or did not take place in 2022 is not clear.

We do know that a ridiculous 1 in 5 voting tabulators in Maricopa county on Tuesday were experiencing technical problems.

Florida, the one state which reformed their voting system years ago, managed to count around 7 million votes in a few hours (in a Republican landslide) but Arizona has still only counted an estimated 73% of votes in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania supposedly elected a man with serious brain damage (certainly more than average when it comes to Congress).

Though we got next to nothing out of this election, AIPAC said they had a great night.

It's too bad we don't have lobbying groups like that advocating for America!

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