Dem Congresswoman Decries Republicans Denouncing FBI Raid On Trump: 'Hate Speech Leads to Hate Violence'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 15, 2022

Democrats now believe it's hate speech to criticize the FBI.

While speaking on Sunday about Republicans denouncing the FBI's raid on Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) told MSNBC's Symone Sanders, "Hate speech leads to hate violence. We know that the number one national security threat is domestic terrorism, which is fueled by white supremacy."

"When you have people who are elected to public office and really just go away with the rule of law and create an environment where they want people to believe these lies, that just opens up the box in terms of the rule of law and not being ever adhered to," Lee said. "It's almost like anarchy."

"So, it's a very dangerous moment, Symone," Lee continued. "We have to really recognize that domestic terrorism fueled by white supremacy is what the highest national security threat is now and we have to be very careful and let the Justice Department continue these investigations so that they can bring to justice those who perpetrated not only January 6th, where I was sitting during that violent attempted coup, but also what has been happening in our country for many, many years."

CNN's Oliver Darcy similarly painted Republicans criticism of the FBI as "extremist rhetoric" bordering on incitement.

"They're not criticizing the FBI, they're aiming to malign the FBI," Darcy whined Sunday on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. "It's extremist rhetoric. It's incendiary rhetoric ... These things do have consequences."

Democrats want the FBI as well as journalists to be declared a "protected class" shielded from all criticism.

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