NYC: Thugs Ram Pedestrian With Their Car, Get Out And Rob Him As He Lies Unconscious In The Street

Chris Menahan
Jul. 25, 2022

A group of three black male suspects were filmed running a pedestrian down with their car, then getting out to rob him while he lay unconscious in the street on Saturday in New York City.

The victim is currently in critical condition.

From Fox News, "Suspects caught on video allegedly hit Bronx man with car, then robbed him":
The video showed a black car cut a corner so sharply that it appeared to go off the road when it collided with the 39-year-old victim, sending him flying into the air. After landing on the ground, he was virtually motionless when an individual could be seen removing items from his person, and later searching his body, even flipping him over onto his back while another person watched.

In one angle, the same car could be seen parked nearby while the alleged theft was taking place.

Fox News reached out to the NYPD for more information, but they did not immediately respond.

According to the New York Post, police described three suspects: two who allegedly robbed the victim and one who remained in the car.

The victim was in critical condition and receiving treatment at a nearby hospital after emergency workers responded to the scene and took him to the facility.
This is actually how the NY Post described the suspects:
The first robber was a “male, dark complexion, thin build, Afro hair,” the NYPD said. He was last seen wearing black pants, black sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt.

The second was also described as a “male, dark complexion, thin build, Afro hair.” He was last seen wearing light colored sweatpants, a black hooded sweatshirt and sneakers.

A third man inside the car was described as a “male, dark complexion, thin build, short hair.” He was last seen wearing black pants, and a light colored hooded sweatshirt.
We're all supposed to be fretting over the fake threat of "white supremacy" while incidents like this are happening daily.

If the assailants are "juveniles" they'll just set them free without punishment as we saw with John Weed.

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