Double Vaxxed And Double Boosted Biden Reveals He's Sick With Covid

Diagnosis comes one week after Biden traveled to Israel and Saudi Arabia
Chris Menahan

Jul. 21, 2022

Vaxx-maxxed Joe Biden, who said one year ago today that vaxxies cannot catch covid, is sick with covid.

The White House said it doesn't matter where Biden caught the disease.

It just so happens he's now out sick one week after his trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The New York Times reported last week that Biden had adopted a "no handshake" policy upon landing in Israel but "evidently forgot and shook hands with two former prime ministers anyway."

"[T]he no-handshake memo seemed to slip Mr. Biden's mind altogether as he was led to a waiting group of Israeli parliamentary leaders for a group photo," the Times reported. "He reached out to shake hands first with former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and then with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the latter getting an especially long and robust shake despite their past differences."

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was greeted only with a fist bump.

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