Ann Coulter Calls Out Ghislaine Maxwell Juror As A 'Plant' Working to Set Her Free

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2022

Ann Coulter on Thursday called out Ghislaine Maxwell juror Scotty David as a "plant" working to set her free by running to the press to "announce he lied during jury selection and his lie influenced deliberations."

"One week after guilty verdicts are returned against Ghislaine Maxwell, a juror runs to the press to announce he lied during jury selection and his lie influenced deliberations," Coulter said. "Surely, NO ONE could imagine he was a plant."

From The Daily Mail, " 'Ghislaine was a predator as guilty as Epstein': Maxwell juror describes moment he 'locked eyes' with sex trafficker and reveals his own abuse ordeal":
A juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial has revealed how he viewed her as a 'predator', describing the moment he 'locked eyes' with Jeffrey Epstein's accomplice - and revealed his own child sex abuse ordeal to the jury.

Scotty David said he had helped the other members of the jury understand things from a victim's point of view and explained how 'you can't remember all the details' of traumatic memories - this was a crucial line of attack by Maxwell's lawyers who called a 'false memory' expert witness.

David also claimed that the five guilty verdicts returned in New York last week, possibly condemning Maxwell to spend the rest of life behind bars, were for 'all the victims'.

Legal experts said that if David failed to disclose his past experiences before the jury deliberations, Maxwell could have grounds to claim a mistrial and have her convictions quashed.

However, the question of whether a potential juror was a victim of sexual abuse or a relative or friend of a victim was asked in the 50-question survey completed by each juror ahead of selection.

David said he went into the trial firmly believing that Maxwell was 'innocent until proven guilty' and viewing the victims with a skeptical eye.

But, he said, 'After all I've learned, she's just as guilty as Epstein. I don't want to call her a monster, but a predator is the right word.

'She knew what was happening. She knew what Epstein was doing and she allowed it to happen. She participated in getting these girls comfortable so that he could have his way with them.

'And, to me, them returning repeatedly for the money has nothing to do with anything because these girls were minors, and it doesn't matter what incentivized them. It matters what happened to them.'
Nothing would be more appropriate to seal the cover-up than for Maxwell to just be let out of prison.

Kudos to Ann Coulter for being the only prominent conservatives willing to call out who was behind Epstein/Maxwell's blackmail operation.

Vanity Fair reported in 2019 that "prominent Republicans" think Epstein "was a Mossad agent" but not one of them has been willing to make such accusations publicly.

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