Stephen Colbert: U.S. Troops Leaving Afghanistan Should 'Fight' Radical Trump Voters Here At Home

Chris Menahan
Aug. 18, 2021

Late Show hack Stephen Colbert on Monday night used the thin veneer of "comedy" to shill for the Biden regime using our military to launch a domestic War on Terror against "radical" Trump voters.

"Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a Civil War in Afghanistan?" Colbert said. "We've got our own on Capitol Hill."

As Glenn Greenwald noted, the Biden regime has laid out explicit plans to launch a domestic War on Terror against their right-wing political opposition which they're already putting into effect.

"While Colbert's commentary, as usual, is just warmed-over Pelosi-speak with an invisible veneer of "comedy," it's also revealing about liberalism: They do believe the War on Terror should not end but be transferred to domestic politics, with Trump voters treated like Al Qaeda," Greenwald said.

If Colbert "joking" about the DC regime launching war on their political opposition isn't your thing, you can turn on Jimmy Fallon and hear about the wonders of mandatory vaccine passports and receiving endless Big Pharma mRNA booster shots!

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