Ohio Gov Launches Multi-Million Dollar Vax Lotto to Coerce Desperate Poor People Into Getting Shots

Chris Menahan
May. 13, 2021

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) is exploiting poor people's despair to coerce them into taking Big Pharma's experimental mRNA therapy "vaccines."

DeWine announced Wednesday that he's going to raid Ohio's federal COVID relief funds to carry out a multi-million dollar lotto giveaway for adults who get vaxxed.

"If this is not illegal, it should be," said Alex Berenson. "It's certainly unethical, doubly so because the vaccines have not received full approval."

This is what passes for "public health policy" in post-America.

They locked down everyone's small businesses and put millions out of work and now they're exploiting down and out people's despair by telling them they can strike it rich if they gamble with their life by taking Big Pharma's experimental mRNA therapy "vaccines."

Our "leaders" are truly depraved.

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