Reddit Bans 'SuperStraight' Community For 'Hateful' Satire; TikTok Bans Viral #SuperStraight Hashtag

Chris Menahan
Mar. 10, 2021

Being super gay is now a requirement to have a community on Reddit.

On Tuesday night, Reddit banned the rapidly-growing "SuperStraight" subreddit for sharing "hateful" satire.

"This community was banned for promoting hate towards a marginalized or vulnerable group," the site's administrators said. "The community had become increasingly exclusionary with hateful content that is counter to its original satirical intent and was in violation of our policies."

The "Super Straight" movement took off over the past week after a young TikToker made a video coming out as "super straight" -- a sexuality meant to describe a "Male or Female that is only attracted to the opposite biological Sex/Gender."

The subreddit exploded in popularity and amassed over 27,000 subscribers in just 8 days.

Here's a snapshot of some of their top posts:

Mocking leftist lunacy is verboten.

TikTok also stepped in to shut down the #SuperStraight hashtag after it amassed over 103 million views.

Our liberal world order can't withstand even the mildest of mockery.

The media is smearing the kid as a nazi and he and his family were apparently inundated with death threats.

How much longer can this system survive?

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